Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagamm - Complete Review

Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagam
Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagam was released at the tail end of the November 2013 with very high expectation among the Tamil cinema audiences. The reason for the peak level expectation of the Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagam is because this movie was directed by Tamil cinema director Selva Raghavan who has given many remarkable movies to Tamil cinema like Aayirathil Oruvan, Kadhal Konden, 7G Rainbow Colony etc.,
Combination of Top level artists Tamil actor Arya and Tamil actress Anushka is one more factor for this expectation. Before going to the story of the movie, shall have a glance on Casts and Crew of this movie.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Irandam Ulagam:

Hero - Tamil actor Arya ( Dual role )

Heroin - Tamil actress Anushka ( Dual Role )

Director - Selva Raghavan

Producer - Pearl V Polturi

Music directors - Harris Jayaraj and Aniruth Ravi Chander

Lyrics - Vaira Muthu

Story line of Tamil movie Irandam Ulagam :

Tamil movie Irandam Ulagam begins with the short description about the story that the love can be anywhere in the world and not only in this globe but also in another planet in the universe and a slide with the words from albert Einstein that there can be some other globes with creatures like man in the universe and it has the possibility. Then the Arya character from the world starts telling a couple of love stories.

The first love story happens in the globe and the other one happens in another planet where people are living. That planet has a living goddess who has been praying all the times for the goodness of the people. On the other hand the same planet has negative gangs with the motivation of capturing the goddess to the place where themselves and their people are living in the same planet. The goddess's main prayer is to save the land from that gang. But she thinks that the land needs a great warrior to save the people also she thinks that only a pure love can create a warrior. As the situation starts getting worse in the land that all the women in the land are being ill treated, it looks really tough for the real love to get blossom in the land.

On the same land Arya's character of that alien planet namely Maravan who is the son of the bishop of the land is living, but he is an innocent. Then on the land Anushka's alien planet character namely Varna is also living. Varna is highly talented with sword fighting and courageous. She hates women in their land has been ill treated and not allowed in the army. At a moment Maravan getting impressed by Varna and he is trying to impress her in many ways and getting failed. All these things known by the goddess of the land.

At a moment Varna has been captured by her own land's king. Maravan going to the king and asking him to release her. The king agrees with a condition that Maravan should kill the great lion of the land and bring the skin of the lion. Even though Maravan is an innocent, he searches the lion and faces it for his love on Varna ( Anushka ). After a huge struggle he kills the lion and gets the skin of the lion to the king and releases Varna and marrying her. Even after the marriage Varna hates Maravan and doing an undesired thing by the audience.

With this back ground, the role of Arya in our world namely madhu, is working in an hospital. Anushka's character in our world namely Ramya is also working as a nurse. She is in love with Madhu by seeing his nice character and helping nature. But Madhu initially refuses the proposal of Ramya and later he realizes her love on him and falls in deep on Ramya. After many conflicts between Madhu and Ramya they become a loving couple with a trip of Ramya to Goa for a medical camp. Here the first half of the movie Irandam Ulagam gets end.

The second half of the Tamil movie Irandam Ulagam tells us that how the Madhu gets related to the alien planet shown in the picture and how the goddess saves the land from the gang of accused people, how the very first love of the planet blossoms etc., The visuals of this movie is really has high quality as challenging the hollywood is not a big word. The second half of the movie makes the audience to get thrlled with the unexpected twists in the movie and the first half gives the adventurous scenes happening in the alien world.

Tamil movie Irandam Ulagam Review:

Irandam Ulagam is the result of the high concentrated work of the crew members of the movie, especially Selva Raghavan. Each and every scenes of the movie have been chiseled by him and making the audience like watching a popular hollywood movie. the visuals are taking the audience to another world with the parallel thrilling from the story line. The twist coming at the first half is is highly unpredictable. The casts selection is good that Anushka's cute acting and fight sequences with the sword fighting scenes are matching with Anushka and Arya's character too.

Music of this music is good, but when it is looking like lagging when we are seeing the amazing visuals especially at the lion fight scene. Songs are making the audience to murmur even after the movie ends.

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