Tamil actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu got scoldings from Nagarjun?

Some media are saying that one of the most popular actresses among the south Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Samantha Ruth Prabu has got scoldings / warnings from one of the Telugu Super star actors Nagarju. a recently. The reason for this warning to Samantha is one of her tweets through Twitter.

Nowadays most of the top celebrities of Tamil cinema and other language actor / actresses using the social networking sites like twitter and facebook for directly being in touch with their fans. Even though this is one of the healthy moves by these young generation celebrities. On the other hand it is giving themselves troubles. We have a number of examples for this like; STR Simbu and Hansika declared their love through twitter. Even the affair between Samantha and Sidhardh also started releasing smokes through Twitter only. Recently Samantha has tweeted 2 / 3 line news about her current Telugu movie namely Manam in which Nagarjuna acts as the hero and he himself produces the movie. 

The texts in those controversial tweets are said to be about the role of Samantha in that movie and revealing a secret that Nagarjuna's second son is going to be introduced in this movie which was planned by nagarjuna not to reveal until the movie gets released. As these things have been tweeted by Samantha, media is telling that actor Nagarjuna has called Samantha through phone and warned her not to tweet anything about the movie until the release and Samantha has stopped tweeting for past few days.

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