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About - Sippai movie:

Sippai - is one of the most expected Tamil movies in the month of October 2013. In this movie Tamil actor Gautham Karthik who is the son of Tamil actor Navarasa Nayagan Karthik, Gautham Karthik was introduced in Tamil cinema by a Director Mani Ratnam movie, namely Kadal. Tamil actress Lakshmi menon has done the heroin role in this movie. Director of this movie is Saravan who has director Tamil movie Silambattam.

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Update on 08th October:

There are talks going on around Kollywood that there is a Cold war going on between the director of the movie Sippai, Mr. Saravanan and the hero Gautham Karthik. The reason for this Cold war is told as follows; The appearance of actor Gauham Karthik in this movie has to have a long curling hair with beard. On the other hand, Gautham Karthik has been doing the movie Vai Raja Vai, under the direction of Tamil director Aishwarya Dhanush, who is the daughter of Tamil actor Rajikanth and she has already directed Tamil movie 3.

Now, in between time, when both movie shootings have been moving parallel, Gautham Karthik has removed his beard and long hair as his role in Vai Raja Vai has to have appearance without beard and short hair. Then the director of Sippai has tried to solve this situation using some wigs on Gautham Karthik. But none looks not suiting him. In this hard situation, there are talks going on that Gautham Karthik and the director in the Sippai shoot are not facing Eye to eye and the associate directors are doing the communication things between them.

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