07 October 2013

Tamil Movie Naiyaandi Updates

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Update on 07 th October 2013:

In Tamil movie Naiyaandi, Tamil actor Dhanush has done the main male role and Tamil actress Nazria Nazim has done the main female role. 

Today, there is a controversy has risen on the heroin of the movie, Nazriya Nazim that she is about to file a complaint on the Tamil movie Nayyandi team that she was asked to act in an intimate scene for this movie. As Nazriya refused to act in that scene, the team has gone to take the scene with a body double. On seeing this, the actress has got conflict and now, she is about to file a complaint against the Nayyaandi team in the Nadigar Sangam by stating that, these things are not mentioned in the agreement. 

The director of the movie, Sargunam looks not bothering about the decision of Nazriya as he had no other go after she has refused to do the scene than doing body doubling. Seeing the facebook texting of Nazriya, the fans of her also have got upset thinking on the high reputation of the Nazriya in the current Tamil cinema industry.

As the issue has been started by Nazria now, the fans are waiting to see the reaction of the director and producers of the movie as this issue can also affect the movie which is going to get released very soon. The censor board has given U certificate for Nayyaandi is another thing to be noted.

Update on 08 th October 2013:

Tamil actress Nazriya complains to Commissioner against Naiyaandi director Sargunam:

Today Tamil actress has filed a compliant to the commissioner against the director Sargunam. Also Nazriya has added that the movie Naiyaandi should be screened to her before the release of the same in the theaters, else the movie release itself should be seized totally. In the compliant of Nazriya about Naiyaandi movie, she has mentioned that there are some scenes have been intimated as if she has acted but she has not acted those scenes in fact. Then these activities are against her religion, and the same thing is going to insult her family and her fans.

Also Nazriya has mentioned that this kind of things have proven that the director Sargunam is a fraudulent man and she suspects that there can be many more such scenes in this movie. Nazriya has concluded that the movie Naiyaandi should be screened for her prior to the release date ( October 11th 2013 ) and all the scenes said objection by Nazriya should be removed from the movie. Else the release of the films should be stopped totally. Also Nazriya has mentioned that, if the above statement didn't happen then her family, fans and her religion will resist.

Even though Nazriya refused to face the camera for giving pose to the camera stills, after she did the compliant, Nazriya has given video interview to a private media. Nazriya has told in the interview that there is a scene shooting without her, but imitating as if Dhanush catching the hip of Nazriya and rubbing around. But Nazriya has mentioned in the complaint that taking such scenes without her is against the agreement and the same can hurt her family and her religion too.

At 09th October 2013, The conclusion for the issue about the Naiyaandi movie was done saying, the movie should be screened to the actress Nazriya Nazim before its release to the theaters. As Nazriya had to go for a movie shooting to Kerala, she went for that Malayalam film shooting on that day. So the movie was shown to the father of the actress Nazriya Nazim, Mr. Nazim. Nazim saw the whole movie in front of the director Sarkunam and the police professionals.

After watching the movie, father of Nazriya, Nazim has told that there were 3 scenes have been taken with dub for the movie Naiyaandi and Nazriya didnt act in those scenes. Those scenes are, Nazriya Nazim in a first night scene with Dhanush as the legs of Nazriya's legs binded together with Dhanush legs. The second scene is intimated as if Nazriya exposing bare back with sweating and wet. The third scene is Tamil actress Nazria Nazim is laying on Dhanush's lap.

Then Nazim asked the producer of Naiyaandi to delete all these three scenes from the movie without delay. Then Nazim he himself entered the editor room and saw when the editor removed the scene. After those hot scenes of Nazriya removed from the movie Naiyaandi, Nazria said that there is no more objections from her side to release this movie on the planned released date of Naiyaandi.

Name of director of Tamil movie Nayyandi - A Sarkunam

Producer of Tamil movie Naiyaandi - Kathiresan

Cinematography is done by Velraj

Music director of Tamil movie Nayandi - M. Ghibran

Expected release date of Tamil movie Naiyaandi is 11th October 2013

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