Tamil movie 6 - Review, Casts and Crew & the story of the movie

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Tamil movie 6 - Review, Casts and Crew & the story of the movie:

The Tamil movie 6 is one of the most expected Tamil movies especially for the different get ups of the Tamil actor Shaam. The release date of this movie is 20th September 2013.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie 6:

Tamil actor Shaam as Ram ( a Software Engineer )

Tamil actress Poonam Kaur as Lizzy (wife of Ram )

Jagapathy Sree Kumar


Master Anmol

Anil Murali


Munnar Ramesh

Basic story line of Tamil movie 6 is that the son of Shaam who is just 6 years is getting kidnapped right on the birthday of that kid and the searching mission of Shaam to get the boy back.

Detailed Story of Tamil movie 6:

The movie starts with somecolorful days of the Software Engineer Ram ( Tamil actor Shaam ) with his wife Lizzy ( Tamil actress Poonam Kaur ). The son of this couple gets 6 years of age and getting kidnapped on the same day of his birthday when Shaam goes to a beach with his wife and the son. Soon after the missing of the son, Shaam starts searching the kid and on the other hand, his wife also searching for the child. Even after searching for a while they fail to get the kid back. As a part of the primary search, a beggar is telling Shaam for going and searching in a place named Nagari.

Shaam goes to Nagari and search for the kid. At Nagari, Shaam gets information that his son is taken to Vaarangal. At Vaarangal, he gets information that he can get his son if he goes to Bopal. Finally Shaam reaches Kolkata by searching his son. There at Kolkata, Shaam looks an arphanage with a strange atmosphere where a big surprise is waiting for Shaam. The remaining story of Tamil movie, you can go and enjoy in the theaters with family.

Few super scenes from the Tamil movie 6:

The heroin of the movie Poonam kaur fells on the feet of a begger saying " please give me my son back brother".

Then Shaam talks with his wife after many days.

Shaam gets the shirt of his son on the way of his journey to find his son and the same shirt plays a role in the climax.

Shaam sees the words on a wall written by his son saying "daddy please save me".

Other technical details about Tamil movie 6:

Director - V. Z. Dorai

Music director - Srikanth Deva

Lyricist - V. Z. Dorai

Story - V. Z. Dorai

Editor - Antony

Cinematography - Madhie

Dialogue - Jeya Mohan

Screen Play - V. Z. Dorai

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