08 September 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu

Tamil Actor Vadivelu Profile Photo
Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Comedian Vadivelu:

In this page we are going to see about the highly famous Tamil cinema comedy actor come multiple roles playing actor, Vadivelu. First, we shall see about the Biography of Vadivelu before looking at his profile, filmography. 

The date of birth of Vadivelu is 10th Oct 1960

The current age of Vadivelu - 60.

The birthplace of  Vadivelu is Madurai, Tamilnadu

The name of the wife of Vadivelu is, Saroja

Other names of actor Vadivelu are, Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu and Vadivel. 

To say in short, Vadivelu is one of the very few, fine comedian-actors in Tamil cinema.
The earlier life of Tamil actor Vadivelu before coming to the cine field was a shop keeper in his native place, Madurai. 

Vadivelu was owning a glass framing shop of local photos and painting of those same. 

At an early age, Vadivelu and his family had been struggling for money in those days. 

But when we have a look at the growth of Vadivelu, he started to buy luxurious vehicles like Tata sierra when he picks a nice name in the Tamil cinema industry.

Vadivelu has revealed in an interview that he got back to his native place after making his debut show up in the film; En Raasavin Manasiley by thinking that, the task for what he came to Chennai is finished. But after that, Vadivelu was brought back for his next movie and now, the situation is, he is the number one Comedian in the Tamil Cinema industry. Even though the present status of Vadivelu Cinema Career is a Paused one, all the Tamil cinema audiences have been asking that, When will Vadivelu come back to act in the Tamil cinema as a comedian actor again.

One of the famous specialties of actor Vadivelu is his punch dialogues. Even though most of the Tamil cinema artists are using the Punch dialogue tool, Vadivelu has captured the overall audience with his dialogue delivery and selection of the Tamil language punch dialogues with the Madurai side and surrounded area of Madurai slang dialogues. The main formulae of success of Vadivelu as a great comedian is the finishing of his scenes in the movies. Mostly the finishing of Vadivelu comedy video scenes will be either by Vadivelu getting slapped by one or more men (sometimes women) or a punch dialogue, like “Nalla thaanae poikittu irundhuchi”!! Translation of “Nalla thane poikuttu irundhuchi in English: It was going nice only. Isn’t it?”. How many Tamil movies, Vadivelu has acted? The total number of Tamil movies Vadivel has acted so far is above 350+ movies.

Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu filmography:

In this section, I will give you a clear idea about the explained list of movies, Vadivelu has acted and the list of video songs in which Vadivelu has done dancing performance. Vadivelu has not stopped his Avatar only by acting as a comedy actor and a dancer but also he is a good singer, that he has been singing many Tamil audio songs like Ettana irundha etturu en paatta ketkum in a Raj Kiran film.

The very first Tamil movie of Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu is, En thangai Kalyani which can be called as the complete movie of T. Rajendar, because T Ranjendar had done all the works for the movie, like Direction, music, lyrics etc., In this movie, Vadivelu had done the role of a cyclist with a lean body. Even though Vadivelu had showed himself up in the movie En Thangai Kalyani, he got a launch spread to the Tamil cinema audience in the time of 1990’s only in the movie, En Raasavin Manasiley, co acted with Tamil actor Raj kiran, Tamil comedian Goundamani and Senthil under the direction of Kasthuri Raja who is the father of Tamil actor Dhanush. After En Rasavin Manasiley, Vadivelu acted in the movie Chinna Gounder, with Tamil actor Vijayakanth and the movie got a great block buster hit. In this movie, the comedy scenes of Vadivelu was very few, those scenes also were with Goundamani and Senthil under the direction of R. V. Udaya Kumar. After really a very long back, Vadivelu came back to act in the movies by getting 4 years of rest. This time also Raj Kiran was the one who brought him back to the Tamil cinema to act in his movie Ellame en Raasa dhan. After Ellame en raasa dhan, Vadivelu started getting many number of movies.

Comic acting of Vadivelu in the movie Varavu ettana selavu paththana has been still under talk and we could find the video clips of this movie in the comedy television channels like Aaditya, Sirippoli and other comedy programs of Suntv KTV vijay TV etc., Then he acted in the movie Ilavarasan in which he acted with Tamil actor Sarath Kumar. In this movie also, Vadivelu showed himself up as one of the three comedy artists, Kaundamani, Senthil and himself. Then Vadivelu acted in the movie Singaravelan, acted with Tamil actor Kamalahaasan. In this movie, Vadivelu’s role was very interesting, talking butler English with curling hair. Still the dialogue that Vadivelu talked in that movie “Only you possible” is remembered by the Tamil cinema audiences.

The next movie of Vadivelu was also with Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan, namely Devar Magan. In this movie, Vadivelu played a character oriented role, his performance was also recognized by the audiences as well. After the mega hit movie Thevar Magan, Vadivelu got another Raj Kiran movie, namely Aranmanai kili as a comedy actor agin. Then Vadivelu acted in the movie, Kaathirukka neramillai, in which the Tamil actor Karthik had done the main male role and Tamil actress Kushboo had done the main female role under the direction of Kulothungan. Then Vadivelu got another village oriented movie, namely Kilakku Cheemaiyiley, a film by Bharadhiraja. After that, Vadivelu acted in the movie, Neelakuyil which was one of the Vadivelu movies released in the year 1992.

His next movie after Neelakuyil was, Maharasan with Tamil actor Kamal again with the comedy actors, Kaundamani and Senthil. Then he acted in a Pandiyarajan movie, who is an actor come director in Tamil cinema industry. Then he acted in a Gangai amaran movie namely, Kovil kaalai. Gangai amaran is one of the comedy sensed movies making directors of Tamil Cinema like Karakatta kaaran. In the movie Kovil kaalai, Vadivelu acted with Vijayakanth who is one of the leading actors. Then Vadivelu acted yet another Udhaya kumar directed movie namely Ponnumani, with the Tamil actor Navarasa Naayagan Karthik.

As the call sheets book of Vadivelu was full in the year 1992, he continued the same busy in the year 1993 also. In the year, the first movie of Vadivelu was Maravan with Tamil actor Ilaya thilagam Prabu and actress Kushboo. Followed by this movie with Prabu, Vadivelu acted in the movie, en Pondatti Nilava with Tamil actor come Politician Nepolean and Kushboo. Then Vadivel acted in the movie Rojavai killadhey with Tamil actor, action king Arjun under the direction of suresh Krishna. Then he acted in the movie, Gokulam under the direction of one of the successful directors of Tamil cinema, Vikraman with Tamil and Malayalam famous actor Jayaram and Tamil actress Banu Priya.

After a long journey, Vadivelu got a remarkable movie that his acting and dialogues have been refusing to get away from the Tamil audience mind, namely Kaadhalan under the direction of Shankar. Then the Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu acted in the movie, Rajakumaran with the character name, Veecharuva Veerachamy. After that, the year 1994 also was a very busy one with the career calendar of Vadivelu. In the year 1994, he acted in the movie Ilaignar ani with Radha Ravi. Not only with the generation of Rajni kanth and Kamal haasan. Vadivelu acted with Tamil actor, Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar for the first time in the movie Pavithra.

After that, the notable movie of Vadivelu was, Karuththamma under the direction of Bharadhi Raja again. The next notable of Vadivelu was with both of the rocking heroes of Tamil current cinema, Illayathalapathy Vijay and Tamil actor Ajith Kumar. In the movie Valli, Vadivelu acted with Super Star rajni kanth. Then Vadivelu acted in award winning movie Kaalam Maari Pochu.

Then Vadivelu acted in the movie Chandralekha, Aasai in the year 1995. In the same year of 1995, he acted some remarkable movies like Muthu, with Tamil actor Rajini Kanth. By the same year he acted in the movie Kadhal Desam with nice dialogues with his style to get his popularity up. The 50th movie of Vadivelu was in this year only. In the year 1996 also he acted in many Tamil movies, and the notable one in that year is Mr. romeo with Tamil actor Prabu Deva. The combination of Vadivelu has been still working well and good on the screens.

By the next year, Vadivelu acted many movies but his work in the movie Bharadhi kannamma was excellent and his combination with Tamil actor Ra. Parthiban was one of the hot talks in those days. The comedy scenes in the movie Bharadhi Kannamma like, Kundakka mandakka na ennadhu, Neenga podura munda baniyana and all others gave nice name to him too. In the year 1999, Comedy actor Vadivelu acted in the movie Mudhalvan which was director by Tamil cinema director Shankar with the character name Palavesham. In this movie, he did his part well and good and his dialogue in the movie, Poda panni made all aged audiences to laugh.

Int the year 2000, Vadivelu acted in many movies like Unnaruge naan irundhal, Vanna thamizh paattu etc., he started acting in the movies in one of the famous comedy films makers, Sakthi Chidambaram. In the movie Vetri Kodi Kattu, under the direction of Cheran. The punch dialogues of Vadivelu in this movie, like “dubai la lam oru vaatti use pannaunadha thirumba use panna maattanga”, Dubai kurukku sandhu address asking scene are still can be scene in the comedy video programmes on Television. In the year 2001, Vadivelu acted in the movies Sonnal dhan kaadhala, Maayi etc, In maayi, the dialogue, Vaamma Minnalu got a great fame.

In the year 2001, Vadivelu acted in many movies namely, Maayi (Stared with Sarathkumar), Maayan, Vadugapatti mapillai, sonnal dhan kaadhala, Rajakali amman, Style, Looti etc., to say in particular, the punch dialogues of Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu in his 2001 movies, like, Vaamma Minnalu, Vandhutaanya etc. got a great reach among the Tamil cinema audience. In the movie Lootie, Vadivelu acted with another great comedian actor of Tamil cinema, Vivek and Sathya Raj. In the movie Thavasi, he acted with Tamil actor Vijayakanth with his nice slangs.

In the year 2002, Vadivelu acted in the movies like En mana vaanil, Kamarasu, Raja, Tamil, Shree Raja Rajeshwari, Arasu, Bagavathy, Shree etc., In the movie, En mana vaanil, Vadivelu acted as a handicap showed both his comedy sensed acting as well as performance oriented role. In the movie Bagavathy he made a nice work and the Tea shop comedies from that movie can be seen in the Televisions even this day. It is not an exclamation word that the movie, Sundhara Travels got some hit with the box office due to the presence and acting of Vadivelu in the movie,

In the year 2003, Tamil actor Vadivelu acted in totally 13 number of movies. Among those 13, the movie Winner got the great name for Vadivelu. In that movie, Vadivelu acted with the character name of Kaipulla. The video comedy scenes of Vadivelu in the movie Winner like, “ Adi vaanguna kaipullaike ivlo adina, adivaangunavan uyiroda iruppan nu nenaikuriya”, “Vendam.. Valikkudhu.. Azhudhuruven..” are ever green.

Then, in the year 2004, Vadivelu acted in lot of movies like, Manasthan with Sarath Kumar, Engal Anna with Vijaya Kanth, Kovil with STR Silambarasan, Arul with Tamil actor Chiyaan Vikram, Giri with Tamil actor, Action king Arjun etc., Among these the dialogues of Vadivelu from the movie Giri got great hit with the timing comedy sense of Vadivelu.

Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu acted in number of movies in the year 2003, the year in which Tamil cinema got a break through – we can say. The important movies in which Vadivelu acted in 2003 are, Manasthan (with Tamil actor Sharath Kumar), Engal Anna (with Tamil actor cum politician Vijayakanth), Kovil (with STR Silambarasan who is one of the young generation actors of Tamil cinema), Arul (with Tamil actor Chiyaan vikram and Jothika), Tamil movie giri with action hero Arjun. In the movie Giri, Vadivelu had the mile stone dialogues of Vadivelu, like, Evlo adichalum thanguraan, ivan romba nallavan da.

The followed year was also a busy year in the Vadivelu call sheet that he acted in many Tamil movies in that year also. Some of those movies are, Madurey (with Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay), Mazhai with Tamil actor Jeyam Ravi), Bambarakkanaaley (with Tamil actor Shri Kanth),. In the year 2005, this great Tamil cinema comedian acted in the remarkable movies, Chandramukhi (with Tamil actor, super star Rajinikanth), Sachin (vijay), and these movies were great block buster hits with exciting comedy scenes of Vadivelu. The other movies, vadivelu acted in the same year are, 6.2 and Majaa etc.,

The year 2006 was also a busy one for Vadivelu with the movies like Thimiru ( with Tamil actor Vishal ), thambi, sillunu oru kadhal etc., Significant movies of Tamil actor Vadivelu in the year 2007 are, Vel, Marudha malai, Pokiri etc., the movie, Marudhamalai got the nice comedy video scenes of Vadivelu with his character name, Sirippu police, Ettu Ekambaram. The comedy scenes of Vadivelu in the movie Kuselan, released in the year 2008 were spoken largely among the Tamil cinema industry.

In the year 2009, he acted in the bigger movies like Peranmai, Villu etc., In the year 2010, Vadivelu acted in the movies, Kacheri, Sura etc. In the year 2011, Kavalan movie with actor vijay was a remarkable one.

Followed by the great hit of the movies Winner and Giri, Vadivelu continuous movies in the following years of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 2009, till now. The recent tamil movies of Vadivelu are, Kacheri Aarambam, Sura with Illayathalapathy Vijay, Thillalangadi with Tamil actor Jeyam Ravi. The very last Tamil movie of Vadivelu so far by the year 2011 is Mammattiyam with Tamil actor Prasanth and actress Meera Jasmine. After that Vadivelu acted in Tamil movie Thenaaliraaman as the hero of that comedy movie in the eyar 2013. Vadivelu did Thenali Raaman after a very long gap in his Tamil cinema acting career.
Special Information about Tamil comedy actor Vadivelu:

The 300th movie of Vadivelu is Bagavathy.
The nick names of Vadivelu are Vaigai Puyal, King of comedy, Indian Charlie Chapline and Karuppu Nagesh.
Before coming for cinemas, Vadivelu has been working as a stage performer in his street dramas.
Vadivelu acted as a main male role (hero role) under the direction of Chimbu devan. That debut movie of Vadivelu as a hero is, Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi.
Apart from the roles of Comedian and actor, Vadivelu has been doing well with his dancing and singing. the songs sung by Vadivelu have got great hit.

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