05 September 2013

Profile and biography of Tamil comedian actor Goundamani

Profile and Biography of Tamil Comedy actor - Gowndanamani

Tamil Actor Goundamani Profile Photo
Tamil comedy actor Gowndamani is famous comedian. since he was acting in 1978. He started his acting in hero supporting role, villian. Gowndamani was acted as a hero in some films liked as ennga oru raja. His comedy was famous with doing his co actor senthil.Combination of sathiya raj and kowdamani in comedy was many time successful.Now he is stop to acting due to sickness and some.Last film of Tamil actor  Gowndamani jakku boy. Best friend of Gowndamani is sathya raj. Sathya raj is his well wiser and family friend.Daily he is walking 5 kilometers.

Specialities of Tamil comedy actor Gowndamani:     

Now , santhanam is copying his comedy method. It is remember to Comedy king kowdanamani.
Actor arjun is the one of the best friend of kowdanamani. In any tension arjun spend his time with Gowndamani .After spending his time arjun says it s refresh to mind.Moreover all arjun films he was doing some roles and comediyan.In velautham film rural places is Gowdamani own birth place.
That time vijay has seen the mother of Gowndamani.Kowdamani now in Chennai. The mile turning point movie of Tamil actor Gowndamani is karakatta karan. After this film he get a good name .

    He act with young actor simbu, cibi and more. The speciality of Gowndamani is his timing comedy sense not compare than other comedian till.He has done more films with his co actor senthil.He exposed his natural acting sense for comedy in samuthiram film and his comedy in that movie was congratuated by all. He has been in Tamil film industry for more years.

Gowndamani is not married. Gowndamani partcipated in ilangai tamilan meeting in tamilnadu. He exposed effective speech in that meeting. His best films : singara velan,jai hind,samuthiram. He acted from his early life. Gowndamani acted mostly only in Tamil movies. In telungu he acted only one film name as yerra gulabellu.Upcoming movies of Tamil actor Gowndamani is :no. Gowndamani has not won an award from Tamil film industry and any film industry and state govt.,In tamil cinema he do fights equal to heros in films.

Early Life of Tamil actor Gowndamani:

   He is basically good person. And the background of Tamil actor Gowndamani is rich even before he entered cinema. Gowndamani has not done any malayalam, hindi, kanada , films.Actor sentil is treat as brother (kowdanamani). He was like come back to cinema for ealier for gowdanamani.In 1990, more heros was liked to act gowdanamani.He was born coimbatore at kannampalayam.His early life did some stage shows. He recently problem of heart attack.He admitted in private hospital in chennai. Now he is well.He acted double hero subjects in more films.

In 1990 to 1995 most films succeeds with him.In gowdanamani is comeback to acting more actors(comedy) will be waste. Original name of Gowndamani is mani. In 1990 he proved best character artist..Some scene of velayutham film shooted by kowdanamani house.Mani vanan is one of the best friends of Gowndamani. Mani done many movies his direction and with him. Turning point of gowdanamani  is film 16 vayathinile. He acted more films with famous actors rajini and kamal. In any comedy actors not followed by gowdanamani.Because he was improved by his own talent. now some actors follow Gowndamani. Many people like to award giving name mani for best comedian. He did shunt in cinema without rope and dupe actors. His comedy shows a sensual thought. He developed his own talent  in different types of exposed in comedy, character artist, villian, hero supporting actor.

           Gowndamani is free to talk all persons. Basically kind man, he was not in any party(polities). More over he has written own script for his movies for comedy.He was not interested in polities any such activity of expect cinema.He knows tamil.malayalam, telungu.He likes western dress and foods. Gowndamani's role model is nagesh. After nagesh he is best actor for comedy

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