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Tamil actor Vishal Krishna was born on 29 /08/1977

He belongs to Telugu state born as a second son in a Telugu family

His family is closely related to cinema

First Tamil movie which he played the hero role is Chellamae

Then he was familiar to Tamil audience through this second and third movie Sandakozhi and Thimiru

Before Thimiru Tamil Movie he did a cameo appearance in Dishyam Tamil film

The milestone character of Vishal’s cinema career is Avan Ivan Tamil movie which was directed by Bala and released in the year 2011

Below is the details of Tamil Actor Vishal Profile Biography and Bio data.

Family life of Tamil actor Vishal Krishna


Parents of Vishal are father K. Reddy and mother Janaki Devi. His father is in cinema family, he is a popular producer. He belongs to Telugu reddy family but his family is settled in Chennai. Big brother of Vishal is Vikram, who is an actor and producer. Sister in law of Vishal is Sriys famous Telugu actress, who acted in a negative role called Eishwari in Thimiru Tamil movie with Vishal. Sister of Vishal is Aishwarya. Regarding the education of Vishal, he did his schooling in Don Bosco School Chennai and got Vishual communication degree in Chennai Loyola College. He got married on 09 October 2019. 

Wife Name - Anisha Reddy

Wife Age : 28 ( DOB : 02 november 1991 )
Tamil Actor Vishal Love Affair
Vishal is doing his cine performances mostly in Tamil and Telugu languages. At the end of the year 2007, Vishal had a love affair with a popular actress, the media entered in this issue like usual and he accepted about the love affair. Minding the concern of the actress, Vishal didn’t expose the name to the public. It was a great secrete for long time and the talk was forgotten soon. The actress related to Vishal Love Affair was expected as Tamil Actress Priyamani or Nayanthara who was the co-stars of Vishal in earlier Tamil cinemas. Priyamani declared that she is not in the list and mean while Nayanthara was in love with other popular Tamil star. Then later, Vishal and Reema Sen love issue, Vishal and Tamil Actress Trisha love rumours were the talk of the Tamil Cinema. In the year 2011 Vishal and Varalaxmi dating program was noted and reported by the media.
Tamil Actor Vishal Cinema Career Starts
After finishing his graduation in Visual Communication at Chennai Loyola Institution, the actor had a plan to join with the popular film-maker Ram Gopal Varma, and he did the same for some years. Then later his father rejected his desired and made him to perform in south Indian film industry. For that reason Vishal went to work with Tamil actor Arjun in his movies Vedham and Ezhumalai. While on the place of Arjun movie shoot, a cine producer seen Vishal and approached him to appear in Gandhi Krishna's first Tamil movie Chellamae. Accepting the approach, Vishalgot the training in Koothu-P-Pattaraito and developed his working abilities.

He did the role of Raghunandan whose spouse character was performed by Reemma Sen. Actor Bharath also did an important role in that movie. The movie started out good comments and therefore went on to become professional achievement for Vishal, but Vishal's acting efficiency was covered by Reemma Sen's and Bharath's role in the movie. Vishal's next movie was Sandakozhi directed by Linguswamy who had formerly with his father as an associate movie director. He paired with Meera Jasmine and Rajkiran for Sandakozhi Tamil movie, which is a box office hit and the Telugu dubbing of for Sandakozhi also got a great positive effect among Telugu audience. Sandakozhi film obtained significant recognition and Vishal was described to have "improved from his Chellamay days" and " manifested as a measures hero".
Tamil Actor Vishal Cinema Career Continues
The achievements of Sandakozhi saw further possibilities happen for Vishal, with movie correspondents declaring that he was "the most effective action hero". Vishal’s achievement of Sandakozhi movie is the key to open the further chances for Vishal. He was appreciated as a growing action hero of Kollywood. Vishal joined together with Reemma Sen and made another successful movie Thimiru with Tarun Gopi's direction. Actress Sriya Reddy did an important negative character which gave a breakthrough for her. The movie started out both positive and negative commends. Vishal in Thimir is the next professional achievement and there after he got new major movie projects in Tamil and Telugu languages.
Vishal’s next movie Sivappathigaram was released in the year 2006. The political subject story director was Karu Pazhaniappan. This is the first flop movie in vishal’s cinema career. The next movies Thamirabharani, Malaikottai were released in the year 2007 and the movies are success. In Malaikottai Tamil movie Vishal played a comedy character per the advice of movie director Boopathy Pandian, which showed the other side talent of the actor. Rediff view for Vishal’s performance in Malaikottai is "a far cry from the rather special youthful man in Sandakozhi". However, after Malaikottai, he never recreates the achievements he had experienced beginning in his cinema profession. The next year movies Sathyam and Thoranai are the big flop movies for Vishal.
The next movie of actor Vishal is Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai, released in the year 2010 was commercially success. Vishal showed up in a unique character in the famous film maker, Bala's Avan Ivan together with the co star as Tamil Actor Arya. During the picture shoot, the film had obtained Vishal recognition for his modified peculiar look, with his illustration as a squint being predicted to give him recognition post-release. During the project of Avan Ivan, Vishal experienced serious eye problem and muscle damage on the shooting set. The movie is great success and Vishal’s role in Avan Ivan was appreciated by the audience. He gave an excellent award winning performance in the movie. The mannerisms and body language was totally new and the audience noted a new Vishal in Avan Ivan. The touching scene of the movie is his performance of Navarasam in front of actor Surya was made the audience to melt in tears
In the same year 2011 Vishal new movie Vedi was released and it was not fulfilled the expectation of the audience compare to Bala’s Avan Ivan. It is an action movie. Vishal did the role of a dedicated police officer. Movie direction is by Prabhu Deva. The upcoming Tamil movie of Vishal is Samaran , which remembers the character of Thiru in the movie Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai.

Tamil Actor Vishal Profile Bio Data

Screen Name Of Actor Vishal: Vishal

Real Name: Vishal Krishnan Reddy

Fans’ Pet Name: Purattchi Thalapathy Vishal
Career: Cinema Actor
Height of Vishal: 6'2"
Weight of Vishal: 82 Kg
State he belongs to: Andhra state
Interest: Cinema Direction
Favorite Game: Chess

Birthday of Vishal : 29/08/1977

College Education: B.Sc. Degree
Tamil Debut movie: Chellamae
Favorite actor of Vishal: Rajnikanth
Favorite actresses: Sridevi, Simran
Favorite director: Ram gopal varma
Favorite music composers: Ilayaraja and Haris Jayaraj
Vishal Mother and Father: Janaki Devi and Reddy
Actor Vishal wedding: 
I have a long way to go and more to archive before marriage
Tamil actor Vishal wife: Should be Telugu girl
Tamil actor Vishal address: Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Tamil actor Vishal Cinema website:
Tamil actor Vishal Email id: and
Vishal facebook Id:

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