Valaku En 18/9 Tamil Movie Story Review

Valaku En 18/9 Tamil Movie:

Casts of Valaku En 18/9: Mithun, Sri, Urmila, Manisha
Director of Valaku En 18/9 Tamil Movie: Balaji Sakthivel
Music director of Tamil movie Vazhakku En 18/9 : R.Prasanna
Valaku En 18/9 Producer : N.Linguswamy, N.Subash Chandrabose, Ronnie Screwvala
Valaku En 18/9 released on : 4th May 2012

Valaku En 18/9 Tamil Movie Story: It is a romantic love story

Valaku En 18/9 Tamil Movie Review:

Hero Velu is working in a mess and the heroin Jothi is working as a maid in an apartment.
Another track of the movie is the character Aarthi and Dinesh. Dinesh is the son of a politician who makes a friendship with girls and takes their glamorous photos.

In one situation Aarthi believe Dinesh and fell in love with him. He took the photos of Aarthi and sharing the pictures with his friends. In one moment Aarthi came to know this and took the memory card from Dinesh phone.    

 Aarthi goes to the police station with the memory card and file a case against Dinesh. Dinesh got angry and about Aarthi’s action and he try to pour acid on Aarthi’s face but by mistake he poured the acid to Jothi the heroin.

Then Jothi is admitted in the hospital and the police inspector is hesitating to take action against Dinesh because he is the son of Politician. Jothi is from a poor family so she needs money for her treatment, hero Velu is pushed in a situation to help Jothi.

The police inspector is now compelling Velu to accept Dinesh’s offence and if he accepts this, he will get some money for Jothi’s treatment. Finally Velu is in the jail accepting that he did the offence but he didn’t the any money from the politician for  Jothi’s treatment.

How Velu saved the life Jothi, what happened to Dinesh? This will be showed in Valaku En 18/9 movie Climax scene. Director Balaji Sakthivel is again showed his talent, the movie is based on a real thing happened in Dindukal. The climax brings at least a drop of tears from the eyes of the audience. 

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