21 August 2013

Tamil movie Singam 2 full review

In this page of Tuticorinshops, I have taken one of the Tamil hit movies taken in Tuticorin, Singam 3 in which Tamil actor Surya has done the major male role and Hansika Motwani, Tamil actress Anushka Shetty have done the major female roles.

Crew and Casts of Tamil movie Singam 2: 

Tamil actor Surya acted as Durai Singam

Tamil actress Anushka as Kavya

Tamil actress Hansika as Sathya

Tamil actor Vivek as Elumalai

Tamil actor Santhanam as Suusai

Tamil actor Nasir as Kavya's father

Tamil actor Vijaya Kumar as Home minister and other leading actor & actresses

Music Director - Devi Sri Prasad

Producer - Lakshman Kumar

Director - Hari

Lyricst : Viveka

Story of Tamil movie Singam 2:

Singam 2 is the continuation of the movie, Singam. The story of Singam 2 starts with the line that Durai singam is the DSP of Tuticorin city but not taken charge with his position to find the Arms Smuggling. So, Durai Singam works as an NCC teacher in a school in Tuticorin City and silently overseeing the illegal activities happening in Tuticorin City. By this situation, Durai singam's father gets angry that his son leaves bug job and working as a teacher.

In between, in Sathya ( Hansika ) who is a student in the school where Durai singam works and proposes her love to Durai Singam and refuses to forget him even after knowing that Kavya loves him already. The Singam 2 has totally 3 villans, one of them is Dany who is calling himself as the king of Indian Ocean, Actor Rahman is the next who owns a ship and doing drug smuggling with the help of a local roudy ( actor bala ). Durai singam comes to know about all these villans from his NCC teacher job itself silently.

When the local roudy does a clash with the college students, Durai singam takes the charge as the DSP of Tuticorin and then Durai singam targets Dany, who is the main villan of the film. With this line, the remaining movie moves with high speed screen play. The songs in this movie are nice to hear.

The acting of Surya, screen play are the key role of this movie. Comedy of both Santhanam and Vivek are admirable in this movie and makes all audience to be keep on laughing entire the movie.

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