17 August 2013

Tamil movie Review - Thadaiyara Thaakka

Complete Review and Story of Tamil movie Thadayara Thaakka:

In this page of Tamil Cinema blog, I am going to discuss with you the Complete Review and Story of Tamil movie Thadayara Thaakka in which Tamil actor Arun Vijay has done the lead male role. Before going to the detailed Story and review of this Tamil movie, we shall have a glance into the casts and crew employed in the film, Thadayara Thaakka.

Casts and Crew of Thadayara Thakka:

Tamil Actor "Arun vijay " - Hero of Thadayara Thakka

Tamil actress Mamta Mohandas - Heroin of Thadayara Thakka

Additionally, actress Rakul Preeth Singh has done a supporting role in Thadayara Thaaka.

Magizh Thirumeni - Director

Thaman S - Music director of Thadayara Thakka

Story line of Tamil movie Thadayara Thaaka:

The main core story of this movie Thadayara Thaaka is a suspence thriller movie. the audience are kept on the edge of the seat with the question "who" in the second half of the movie.

In a city, there are two male siblings (Maasi and Kumar) who are ruling the city by gangsterism and Kandhu vatti business. Among those two, the younger one has huge affection on the elder one, as he has saved him from getting murdered in the young age. On the other hand, in the same city, the hero of the movie, Selva (Arun Vijay) lives in the same city by running a small business with the name, Selva Travels. Selva has a lover and her father gets convinced to marry Selva to his daughter only because Selva runs the business in good manner and with the belief that, his daughter can lead a happy life with him after marriage.

With these strong back ground, the story line of Tamil movie Thdayara Thaaka gets the first twist through the female friend of Selva whose husband gets a loan for Kandhu Vatti from Maasi. As the capital and interest of the loan is getting delayed to be settled, Maasi kidnaps the guy. On hearing that, the female friend of Selva seeks the help of Selva by handling this problem and she herself arranges the whole loan amount of 1.5 lakhs too. But when Selva goes to Maasi, Selva gets insulted with the words from Maasi. How ever, Selva gives one of his cars from his travels for mortgage and gets the money to settle the amount to Maasi.

Even though he settles the money and rescues that kidnapped guy from Maasi peacefully, Selva attacks one of the sub ordinates of Maasi by putting mask on Selva's face. By the same time, there are some differently told love scenes going in between Arun Vijay and Mamta Mohandas with some nice songs from Thaman.

The second twist in the story of Tamil movie Thadayara Thakka exists till the climax of the movie. The twist is, all of a sudden, Maasi gets killed by some one hitting Maasi with a cricket bat. On hearing that, Kumar (the younger brother of Maasi) starts the searching of the culprit city wide with the evidences that he got. With that effective search, a broken cricket bat with blood spills is found in the sicky of one of the cars of Selva. Soon after knowing that, Kumar starts chasing Selva, but Selva goes to his native place which is out off the city,

When Selva comes back to the city, he comes to know these things but very late that, after getting into an auto which is driven by one of the informers of Kumar  and he does inform to Kumar that Selva is in his auto now. The auto suddenly stops at a strange place, hence Selva comes to know that this is a trap. With this highly back grounded situation, Selva fights with one of the mob of Kumar. After that fight, Selva reveals to his close friends that, He did not kill Maasi.

Now the screen play gets the heat and the audiences gets the mind storm question that, If not Selva, then who did the murder???

To make his side safe, Selva starts doing some investigations works with the people who are related with Kumar. At one stage, Selva comes to know that, Maasi had a female keep and she has not been seen by even a single out sider and the place of her is a highly prohibitted one. Hence, Selva makes an attempt to meet that girl by entering that prohibitted house.

Some more attempts like this, did Selva finds who did the murder?? or, Will Kumar kill Selva or his dependants?? mainly, Who killed Maasi?? These questions are unknotted in the climax of thadayara Thaaka.

Review of Thadayara Thaaka:

Acting of Tamil actor Arun Vijay in Thadayara Thaaka must be appreciated. Music from Thaman is also fine. Especially the work of the director, Ezhil Thirumeni is outstanding by keeping the suspence alive and give a surprise to the audience in the climax. Totally Thadayara Thakka is a must watch movie in this summer..

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