17 August 2013

Tamil movie Kazhugu Review

Kalugu movie review: 

 Kazhugu is a Tamil movie with genre comedy + thriller by the direction of Sathyasiva. Kalugu movie director Sathyasiva is new to film industry. Kazhugu movie starred by Alibaba and Kattrathu Kalavu fame Krishna and Indian model Bindu Madhavi. This movie was released on March 16 2012. Soundtrack in this movie was framed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Sources says that this movie contains real life incidents that happened hill station of TN. This movie captured some of the suicides that happened in Kodaikanal, Theni and Munnar.  Kalugu is a new track in Tamil cinema. Below I have provided the cast and crew members of Kalugu movie.

Kalugu movie actors and technicians details:
  • Starring in Kazhugu:
Krishna Sekhar
Bindu Madhavi
Thambi Ramaiah
Nellai Siva
  • Director, Screenplay and Story of Movie Kalugu:  
  • Producers : 
K.S Madubala
  • Cinematography:
  • Editing:
Praveen K. L.
N. B. Srikanth

Kalugu movie story:

Summary of Kalugu movie story: In Tamilnadu suicides occurs mainly in  hill stations. They jump from high cliffs. Such dead bodies were bought up back by some peoples near the hill. This movie tells the story about their lifestyle.

Full story of Kalugu movie:
Krishna, Karunas, Thambi Ramaiah, and dumb man do dead body(suicide) rescue work in Munnar hill station located in Tamilnadu. Heroin Bindhu Madhavi's sister commit suicide with his lover. Hero Krishna retrieves Heroin's sister body. At this situation love blossoms between Krishna and Bindhu. Now the story jumps to villan. Jayaprakash starred as villan in this movie. He is owner of Tea estate. Hero and his team were trapped in one case of Jayaprakash. Villan wants this 4 members (Hero and his team) to be killed as he wants to escape in a case. So he tries to kill this 4 members. The remaining story was whether he kill this team or not.

Review of Kalugu movie:
This is the third movie for hero Krishna. This role suits the hero. Hero's love sketch, as he doesn't know anything about love is overdosing. For the whole movie hero resembles with same look makes audience apathy.

Song were attracted due to presence of Bindhu Madhavi. Expression by Bindhu Madhavi while facing hero for the first time (rescuing Bindhu Madhavi's daughter) was classy. The movie describes about the horrifying job for rescuing people those who frequently jump towards the pits. The starting scenes were interesting and makes us to feel the dangerous in above-cited job. Sardonic opinion about life, love and death (suicide) argued among friends makes us to think suicide is not the solution.

Screenplay after the villan Jeyaprakash entry is unsteady. Director made a huge mistake in screenplay as it is widely predictable sets apathy. Humors were created while words exchanged between Thambi Rammaiya and Karunas.

Heroin Bindu is piece of light in a dark in this story. Eyelids were widely opened at Bindu's scenes. Movie managed the first one hour to glue the audience in the seats. It's your own risk to watch the rest of the movie.

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