Tamil movie Kalakalappu Review

About the movie Kalakalappu (2012):

                                 Kalakalappu is a full fledged comedy movie by starring with Vimal, Shiva, Anjali and Oviya. This movie is directed by Sundar.C by the production of his wife Kushboo. Lyrics of this movie were written by P.Vijay.
Cast and Crew of Movie Kalakalappu:

Actors in Kalakalappu:


Comedians in Kalakalappu.
John Vijay

Music direcor of Kalakalappu is Vijay Ebenezer.

Story of Kalakalappu Tamil movie:

Vimal and Shiva were brothers and they run a hotel in Kumbakonam. Their hotel is in loss and their only aim is to improve the hotel. On the other side Vimal loves Anjali and Shiva love Oviya. You may seen this love scenes in many tamil movies, nothing special in their love. To improve their hotel Anjali gives idea to cook old Tamilnadu traditional food. As per her idea hotel get popular in one song like Soorya Vamsam movie. Then Anjali leaves to his village as his grandfather is in serious condition. After Tamil actress Anjali calls Vimal stating that "My grandfather is going to marry with my mora mama". So Vimal goes to Anjali village.

Subbu Panchu (Boss Engira Baskaran Arya's brother role) plays diamond Smuggling business. He comes to Kumbakonam for his business. There his brother loses his mobile phone that contains diamond to a prostitute. This mobile finally reaches Shiva while he plays card gambling.

John Vijay plays police men role who is also friend of Vimal. His desire is to occupy the Vimal hotel and sell it for a nice rate. As he planned he gets this hotel through card gambling with Shiva. This happens when Vimal goes to Anjali village. John Vijay demands 10 lakh for the hotel to Shiva. Now Oviya hates Shiva as he lost hotel through gambling.

In Anjali village Vimal searches for Anjali's mora maman. He comes to know that Santhanam is mora mama. Santhanam finds that Vimal has came to run with Anjali. Santhanam tries to kill Vimal, unfortunately Anjali grandfather get serious due to Vimal activity. So Anjali hates Vimal.

Vimal reaches Kumbakonam there he finds that his brother lost his hotel in gambling. At the same time Subbu Panchu finds that Shiva has his diamond. Siva has no idea that the mobile he have has diamond. He discovers through Subbu Panchu and escapes from him. Using that diamond they rescue their hotel. Subbu Panchu gets anger and kidnaps Anjali and Oviya. The remaining story is how they Anjali and Oviay from Subbu Panchu.

Review of Kalakalappu movie:

The movie is targeted with full comedy. The scenes of Santhanam made the audience to clap. Santhanam scores high in comedy scenes followed by Shiva. Vimal comedy were not so good but some clapped for his comedy too that made me laugh. This movie is far better than OKOK. If this movie is released before OKOK, surely OKOK will be a flop movie.

Heroine Anjali and Oviya is used for glamor. Anjali needs to develop her body shape. Oviya, wow no words to say. All opened their mouth during Oviya scenes. Girls may also jealous about her "stuff".  I swear you will be fully satisfied by watching Oviya's stuff.  Climax stretched like something.

It is a full entertainment movie. First half not so good. Second half will be a perfect meal for both comedy and Glamor.

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