Tamil movie Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu yeppadi - Review

Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Yeppadi Review

Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi made lots of expectation from its Trailer and Short film. This movie contains Youth+College love subject that targeted the youth who frequently visits theater.

Story of Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi 

Ego, fight, break ups, Love after the break ups is the story of Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi. This film also capture the love between parents. Director attempted to make mini love encyclopedia by directing this movie.

Best scenes of Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Yeppadi 

  • Siddharth maintained his physical structure as college boy inspired us. He starred in Director Shankar movie Boys in a role as college boy. Now we can see the Boys Siddharth in KSY. 
  • Usually boys talk about their girlfriend to every one. And the boy says that "I am sharing this information with you only da". This has been picturised in this movie. 
  • Dialogue placed in this movie "Girls are like painting, we feel that every girls are looking us" is real one that happens in our routine life.
  • Hair style of Amala Paul is different in this movie. Amala Paul looked unique in this movie. She is perfect match to Siddharth in this movie.
  • Boys were slaves to Girls crying. Girls use their secret weapon crying to impress boy were shown in this movie.
  • Motto of this movie is "There is no one in the world as Made for Each other, We should practice to live as Made for Each other". Director delivered this by Amala Paul parent is interesting.
  • Comedy in this movie were nice and made us to laugh by forgetting us.
  • Practical love that happens in every youths is discovered by Director and picturised in this movie.
Sothapals in Kadhalil Sothapuvadhu Yeppadi:

  • Hero talks facing the audience for the whole movie made us annoying. In one stage it resembles like a documentary movie. 
  • Songs were not too good.
  • Some of the background music were copied from VTV made us to think about VTV.
  • Best scenes in this movie were from the KSY short film. So many were familiar with this movie.
  • First half of this movie was not so good.
  • It is not like a movie instead it feels like several short films were merged as a single movie.
This movie was directed by youth director with very small budget. This movie was completed within 35 days. Lovers of any age can watch this movie for one time.

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