Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai latest interview

In a latest interview, Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai has revealed that she is in love with a business man.

Tamil actress Raai Lakshmi
Lakshmi Rai, one of the Tamil actresses who got introduced in the Tamil movie Karka kasadara with Tamil actor Vikranth. Now Lakshmi rai has got famous in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies and also she has got chance to step into the Hindi movies too. Recently Lakshmi rai was took into the picture of the spot fixing issue in IPL 2013.

Lakshmi Rai's love with business man:

In this situation, Lakshmi has spoken in an interview that she has chosen her life partner and they have been in love for about the past one year. But Lakshmi rai denied to reveal the name of the business man. Laxmi Rai added that the business man is from the southern part of India. Also she has said that he is a jovial person and kind hearted man and he is just like the man whom Lakshmi rai want to get as a life partner. He has seen few movies of Lakshmi rai and liked them. But he is not a cinema addicted man.

As Lakshmi rai has got a chance to act in Hindi movie recently, she may get married after 2 years - he has said. She also has added that it is not yet decided whether Lakshmi rai will act continuously after marriage of she will be a partner in his business in future.

For the questions about the relation between Tamil actress Laxmi rai and the cricket players, she has replied that there is no relation between her and the players. She also recorded her opinion that, In India Hockey shall be given more importance than Cricket.

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