17 August 2013

Saguni movie review and story

Tamil movie Sakuni
Saguni review and Story:

Rating: 5.5 out of 10
Audience covered: Commercial movie and everyone will like this movie
Story Type: Political + Comedy
Overall review: 1st half good and 2nd half bad.
Frequency: Can watch this movie for One time

Tamil movie Saguni Story:

Tamil actor Karthi is middle class man who lives in Karaikudi. He owned a house (ancestral) in Chennai which is under risk due to construction of  railway subway. To save his house he moves to Chennai and meets Chief Minister (Prakash Raj) for help. Prakash Raj insults Karthi badly and denies to help him. Frustrated Karthick supports opposition party leaded by Kotta Srinivasan to take revenge.

The remaining story is how Karthick take revenge?, Will he save his house?. Watch the movie to discover the answers.

Tamil movie Saguni review: Acting by Tamil actor Karthi was really awesome. His acting makes us to feel director can used him even better in the screens. Tamil Comedian Santhanam once again blewed well by his comedy. His comedy theory worked well in theater as usual and he is the back bone of the movie Saguni. Without Santhanam movie will be worst. Karthi has dominated the screen without any mistake.

Director Shankar Dayal made some mistake in screenplay. In some cases it confuses and make us to think this scenes were not necessary. Good luck he directed comedy scenes well. Many peoples in theater murmured "if there is no comedy scenes then movie will be flop".

Supporting actors in the Tamil movie Saguni are, Prakash Raj, Kotta Srinivasan and all female artists suit good to their role. Prakash Raj and Kotta Srinivasan resembled a real politician.

Pranitha heroin of Saguni has no space in this movie. She came only for few scenes. Everyone expects glamour from heroin but that misses. Still not believed have a look at Pranitha Wallpapers.

Music for Tamil movie Saguni has been done by G.V.Prakash, but, was not so impressive. None of the songs in this movie were hit. BGM was acceptable that suits the movie theme.

Expectation is more for this movie so it resembled as a very poor movie. Watch this movie without any expectation and surely it will be good time pass. 

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