Profile and Biography of Tamil music director Anirudh Ravichander

Profile and Biography of Tamil music director Anirudh Ravichander:
The world knows the song, Why this Kolaveri sung with the own voice of Tamil actor, Dhanush. But the creator of this song, that is, the song was composed by the music director Aniruth Ravichander. I have taken that young music director to talk about in this article.
Profile of Music Director Aniruth Ravichander:
 The age of this young director is 21.
Our Anirudh is a Chennai boy, that his birth place is Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Anirudh is famous for his music play with the instruments, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Drum and Bassist.
Father name of Music director Anirudh is, Ravi Raghavendra
Mother name of Tamil musician Anirudh is, Lakshmi who is a dancer.
The relation of Anirudh Ravichander with the Tamil cinema industry is that he is the nephew of the wife of Super star Rajnikanth namely Latha Rajnikanth.
The very first movie of Anirudh has got the globally famous song Why this Kolaveri that got billions of youtube video visits and getting the great height of expectation among the people about the release date of this movie moonu.
Anirudh was a part of the band shool namely Zinx and later on he was in circuit which is a rock band. Anirudh’s London education was with the education in the college, Trinity College of Music, London. Not only in the western music but Anirudh has also learnt Carnatic music.
The very first, debut movie of Anirudh is the upcoming Tamil movie 3 (Moonu). The education of Aniruth ravichandar was in the Loyola College which has produced many Tamil actors. Anirudh’s schooling was in PSBB. The very first opportunity for Anirudh was in a reality show with the Oscar winning Tamil Music Director A R Rahman. Words of Anirudh are, “I have composed music for Aishwarya Dhanush’s short films. We worked together for 12 short films. When she came up with her debut film, she wanted me to compose music for her film project as well. Aishwarya as a director is doing well. I am really excited about my debut film songs.”
Words of Anirudh in interviews are as follows, “Dhanush and Shruti Haasan have rendered a duet, which will be good to watch as they will be in the visuals as well. Mohit Chauhan of Rockstar fame has sung a song for the very first time in a South Indian film. Dhanush wrote the lyrics for six songs. The Kolaveri song happened in 10 minutes. It was effortless, we just casually worked on the song. The surprising part is that even Aishwarya has written a song in the film!”
“I follow an emotion-centric style of working. I compose emotions in my songs. I don’t sit and compose tunes. I believe certain songs just happen by themselves. As I have been born and brought up in Rahman’s era, I have learnt music with his songs. I just want to compose simple, soulful numbers.”
 “I was a part of a school band called Zinx. I used to be the piano player in my band. The band inspired me to take up my musical journey. Now my dear friends are working with me as my music team. So it is amazing fun at work.”
* I would love to compose for Ajith
* No ex-girlfriend tried to re-unite with me after my success
* I zone out often and get into form to compose
* My mom Lakshmi, a dancer, is a rock star
* I want to work with Black Eyed Peas
* My ideal date would be Sushmita Sen


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