22 August 2013

Profile and biography of Tamil Actor Surya

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Suriya
Tamil actor Surya Profile Photo
Tamil cinema has been standing as one of the powers of the Indian cinema industry in the midst of the World Cinema culture. The recent movies for the past decade can be shown with pride as the evidence for the above statement. The Tamil cinema has millions of professionals from the Directors, Producers to the basic workers like the light men. Nowadays the young talent and new arrivals have been shining in Tamil cinema with their great talent and performing with great energy.

One of such energies is the Tamil actor Surya. Even though he has much more experience than others who are shining well and good in the Tamil cinema industry, Surya has been working with the extensive energy and enthusiasm and competing them with his nice talents.

Birth Name of Tamil actor Surya: Saravanan
Date of birth of Actor Surya is 23rd July 1975
Height of Tamil actor Surya is 5 feet 6 inches / 167.6 centimeters
Weight of Surya is 72-77 Kgs / 158.73-169.76 lbs
Suriya Twitter ID : http://twitter.com/#!/ThisisSuriya
Suriya Facebook ID : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001583697344
Zodiac sign of Tamil actor Surya is: Leo
Favourite Food of Surya: Curd Rice, Dosa
Favourite Pastime of Surya : Driving a car with music on, camping out overnight
Salary of Tamil actor Surya is above 6crores per film

Early life of Tamil actor Surya

The actor surya is none other than the son of Mr. Siva Kumar who was one of the best actors during the 1980’s. Siva Kumar who was known as Endrummarkandeyan by the Tamil people is not only a good actor but he has been contributing in the virtual things and it is believed that he is one of the very cultural and disciplined men among the Tamil cinema actors. Even though Surya is getting a place in the list of Tamil actors introduced by their Fathers, he got the position that he holds now in the Tamil cinema only by his own skills and hard work. His cinemas like Nandha, Khakka Kaaka and the films followed by those two are standing as the proof for this point.

Before going to the other things about the Tamil Actor Surya, we shall see some interesting information's about Tamil actor Surya.

Tamil actor Surya is one of the few Tamil actors who are completely from tamilnadu. That is, Surya born in the city Madurai which is in Tamilnadu and brought up in Tamilnadu itself and his past generations are from Tamilnadu.

One of the famous directors Cheenu Ramasamy has expressed his wish of directing movies with Suriya in an interview. 

Let me give you some answers to questions about Surya that most of us will have in mind.

How many siblingsTamil actor Surya has?

Tamil actor Surya has one sister and one brother. Most of us would have known who the brother of Surya is. It is none other than ParutheeveeranKarthi. The sister of Tamil actor Surya is, Brindha.
Date of birth of Tamil actor Surya: 23 July 1975 and the current age of him is 39. Suriya is one of the Tamil actors who born in the Madurai city of Tamilnadu.

Interesting Facts about Suriya:

At the climax scene shoot for Kaaka Kaaka movie, Suriya has done the following this for the shot to come well. 

1. He has not eaten anything from the morning of the day and used to stand upside down for several hours to bring red eyes. 

2. Due to all these efforts for those scenes, Suriya has collapsed physically and fell inside water from the broken bridge where the shooting was going on. Then the crew of the scene including stunt persons saved him from falling into the water. 

While the director of Kaaka Kaaka Mr. Gautham Vasudev explained about the Cinematography works of that movie, he mentioned that he and the cinematographer Rajasekar worked together and used some ideas like low angle shots and not keeping anything taller than Suriya behind him in the movie to show him tall enough. 

Suriya is the one who suggested Art director Rajeevan for the movie Kaaka Kaaka when the director had Thotta Dharani in mind for that movie. 

Jothika has instructed Suriya not to act in the fall from height scene which is the first scene of the movie Kaaka Kaaka. But as the scene did not come up well with Dube, Suriya has convinced Jothika and acted himself again and got ok in the very first take. 

The friendship and love between Suriya and Jothika have almost developed in the sets of Kaaka Kaaka. 

Words of Celebrities about Suriya:

Filmy career of Tamil actor Surya
Even though the beginning career of Surya was with a lack of successful films like Poovellaamkettuppar, Uyirileykalandhadhu, Periyanna, etc., and then Surya came back with few Tamil hit movies like Nerukkunaer and Friends. Even after giving those hits, as Surya was not the only hero and acted with Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay, Surya was slightly out of the frame to talk about and in those days, the Tamil actors, Vijay and Ajithkumar were the most famous actors of the Kollywood cinema field.

The turning point of the cinema career of Tamil actor Surya was, Nandha which was directed by the Tamil director Bala who has directed some milestone films of Tamil cinema, like, Sethu, Pithamagan, etc., After the remarkable hit of the Surya movie, Nandha, he was recognized as a performance-oriented actor of the industry and he started getting nice movies acting opportunities like, Maunampesiyadhae, KakkaKakka, etc., After the success story of the movies, Maunampesiyadhae, Nandha, Suriya got another drawback by means of the movie, Shri. But the fair hit of the Tamil movie, Unnaininaithu by the direction of Vickraman. Tamil actress Sneha paired with Surya in the movie Unnai Ninaithu.

The movie, KakkaKakka which was directed by Tamil cinema director GauthamVasudevMenon got nice name for him. Followed by the massive hit of KakkaKakka, Surya accepted the biggest challenge of acting in a dual role where representing a strong boxer role and the role of handicraft in the movie, Perazhagan. He had put his lot of efforts in that movie as a result; Perazhagan got another blockbuster ranking with a nice demand for Surya. On the other hand, Surya acted in the movie Pithamagan which was directed by his turning point given director, Bala joining role with Tamil actor Vickram. An important note here is, actor Vickram got the National award for his performance in Pithanagan. But still, the acting exposure of Surya in that movie of Surya was broadly spoken around Tamilnadu as he had shown the difference in his performance in his closest movies, Kakkakakka and Pithamagan.

On seeing these continuous hits of Surya, he got some opportunities from the biggest Tamil cinema director, Mani Rathnam namely, Aayudhaezhuthu in which he had acted with R. Madhavan and Tamil actor Siddharth. The role Michael that Surya had done in that movie was a strong aggressive youth student who enters the country politics by refusing his American Scholarship. The next one was namely; Maayavi which was a fully-fledged comedy movie and Surya had done his great performance with his comedy expressions. Tamil actress Jothika was the pair in the movie Mayavi with Surya.

Tamil actor Surya in Ghajini
If we have a look at the further filmography of the Tamil actor Surya, we can get the shining coin stretched with the name Ghajini pairing with Tamil actress Asin Thottumkal which was directed by the Director Muruga doss who has been doing well with the Bollywood also. In the above-discussed movies like KakkaKakka, Pithamagan, we can say that Surya made some twists with the entire Tamil cinema and he showed the appearance of the structural criteria. Soon after the raising of Surya, the famous and peculiar directors of Tamil cinema like Hari, in the movie Aaru. The role of Aarumugam (Aaru) which was carried by Surya in that movie was with the rapid speedily flow of dialogue delivery of Surya and the Movie Aaru got recognition from the Tamil audience in the theaters.

Following by the Tamil movie, Aaru, Surya got the chance to act in the movie, SillunuoruKadhal which is another different movie in the Tamil movie line ups. The different handling of love dimensions in the movie Sillunuorukadhal can be called as a refreshing experience to the Tamil cinema audience. Then, Director Hari got an alternate movie with the actor Surya in the movie, called Vel. Tamil actor Surya had done a dual role of twin siblings in that movie.

As we have seen above, one of the remarkable hits among the Surya movies is, KakkaKakka. The next movie of Surya with the same director, Gautham Vasudev Menon was,Vaaranam aayiram. In that movie, Surya had done a dual role in both the role of a son and the father. As the story of the movie, Vaaranamaayiram is based on a man how he gets grown-up, Surya had a good opportunity in that movie that he intended and done the role of a small tenant guy till the old man who ages around 65.

The next two movies of Surya after the movie, Vaaranamaayiram were Ayan, Aadhavan in which he had done the role of a force youngster and he used those movies as a show case for exposing his talents. One of the best Police characters of Surya was taken place in the movie, Singam in which the Tamil actress Anushka had done the role of heroin.

Tamil actor Surya has done the Bollywood movie, RaktaCharitra which was released at the year 2010. The most recent movie of Surya is 7 aum arivu in which he had done dual role and one of them is the historical role of Bodhi Dharma who left Tamilnadu before centuries and went to China and spread the basic of Kung fu but the movie could not be called as a Superhit, unfortunately. In the movie 7 m Arivu, Tamil actress Shruti Hassan did the pairing role with Surya that she comes in the movie as a student who researches about the present day's Surya with the ancient Kung Fu founder, Bodhi Dharman. 

Then Surya acted in the movie Maatraan in a dual role in which Tamil actress Kajal Aggarwal paired with him. The movie was directed by Tamil cinema director K V Anand. In this movie, Surya acted in an interesting role that the role of a physically joined brothers. But as per the story of Tamil movie Maatraan, one of the two brothers die before the interval of the movie. The remaining movie was framed as an adventurous movie. In this movie, Surya proved again himself as an active youngster like what he did in the movie Ayan. The music of the movie was composed of Harris Jayaraj and got hit and Tamil actor Surya got a Cinema award for acing in Maatraan movie. 
Tamil actor Surya in Maatraan

After Maatraan, Surya acted in the movie Chennaiyil Oru Naal, that he did a special appearance in the movie as Tamil actor Surya himself. Then Surya acted in the Tamil movie Singam 2 under the direction of Tamil cinema director Hari. Singam 2 was the second part movie of Singam. So, the pair of Surya was Tamil actress Anushka Shetty in this movie also. Tamil actress Hansika Motwani did the second heroine role in this movie. This movie was a Superhit in the box office in the year of 2013. In this movie Singam 2, Surya acted as an assistant commissioner of police who is pretending as if an NCC master in a school in Thoothukudi city. Nearby the second half of Singam 2, Surya gets the Assistant commissioner to get up again and hunting all the illegal people living and doing smuggling business in the city Thoothukudi. 

Then Tamil actor Surya did a special appearance in the Tamil movie Ninaithadhu Yaaro. Then Surya acted in the movie Anjaan under the direction of Tamil cinema director Lingusaamy and it was released for the Independence Day of India - 2014. In the movie Anjaan, Surya acted with Tamil actress Samantha Ruth Prabu. In this movie, Surya acted as a don of the area called Dharavi in Mumbai. This movie faced many troubles due to unwanted negative reviews. For that once Surya personally left a message to all the Tamil cinema audiences not to believe the rootless negative reviews and to go and watch the movie in theaters. For the very first time, Tamil actor Surya sang a song for the Tamil movie Anjaan with his own voice namely Ek Dho Theen Char Othukkadi.

Tamil actor Surya with Samantha for the movie - Anjaan

Advertisements are done and committed by Tamil actor Surya
Tamil actor Surya has not only been performing well and good on the big screen but also in the Television media by means of acting in the advertisements. The most famous products that Suriya has done are TVS bikes, Aircel communications in which Surya has done ambassadorship with his wife (Tamil actress Jothika) in a few. The others are, Sun feast biscuits, Saravana Stores which is one of the familiar shopping malls of Tamilnadu, Bharathi cements, Navaratna, and the latest products that Tamil actor Surya has been committed for ambassadorship are, Nescafe ( in this advertisement also his wife Jothika also been committed. The other product in which Surya has done the advertisement performance are, Zandu balm and Fair & lovely for men. 

Social services and other activities by Tamil actor Surya
At the year of 2008, Our hero Surya has made the Agaram Foundation with the Tamilnadu Ministry of Education. Based on the Agaram Foundation, the father of Tamil actor Surya, Mr.Siva Kumar made a short film namely, Herova ?Zerova? In which Actor Surya himself, his wife Tamil actress Jothika, Tamil actor R. Madhavan and Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay had acted. The Agaram foundation made sponsorship for 159 children and gave them higher education. This educational providing foundation of Suriya has been providing higher education learning opportunities for underprivileged children. The other social service providing systems in which Surya has been participating are, Save the Tigers, REACH, and the nonprofits TB curing systems, etc.,

Complete Biography of Tamil actor Surya
Marriage date of Tamil actor Surya is 11th September 2006 with one of the famous Tamil actress Jothika who is the sister of Actress Nagma. The name of the daughter of the couple Surya and Jothika is Diya and the son of Actor Suriya is Den who born on the date of 07th June 2007.

Tamil actor Surya MArriage with actress Jothika Photo

The schooling of Suriya was in the school, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School located in Chennai. Surya studied in the college, namely Loyola College, Chennai. The educational qualification of Tamil actor Surya is a Bachelor of Commerce. Even though he had acted in a movie at his infant age, the first movie of Surya is known as Nerukkuner in which he had acted with Vijay.

To say more about this top actor in Tamil cinema, he is one of the polite, respectful, cultural actors of Tamil cinema. Whenever he stands on stage, he respects all the audiences and his fans before starting his speech. One of the memorable moments that states the nice character of Surya is, when he was announced the best actor of the year for his performance in vaaranam aayiram, he fell on the feet of Ulaganaayagan Kamal Haasan on stage.

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