22 August 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor STR Silambarasan / Simbu

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor STR/ Silambarasan / Simbu
I have taken our little Super Star STR / Silambarasan/ Chimbu who is an young, charming Tamil hero who has got a permanent place in Tamil Cinema audience. To say in brief about STR, he came to the Kollywood at his early age and has been shining as one of the leading artists of the industry with his talents of acting, dancing, singing and of course, direction with screen play writing.

Before going to the detailed explanation about STR’s Profile and filmography, we shall have a look into his Biography at a glance.

Biography of Tamil actor young Super Star Simbu/ Silambarasan / STR:

Real name of Tamil actor STR is, Thesingu Rajendar Silambarasan.
Date of birth of Silambarasan is February 1983.

Height of Tamil actor STR is 5.9

Eye color of Simbu is brown

Hindi debut movie of STR is Mere Jaan

Favorite actors of STR are Tamil actor Super star Rajinikanth, Chakie chan and Tamil actor Thala Ajith Kumar.

Favorite food of STR is any kind of Non veg items.

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The upcoming Tamil movie of Silambarasan is, Pooda Podi.

Early life of STR:

The Tamil cinema actor who has been shining as one of the leading actors of Tamil cinema. STR was introduced to the Film industry by his father, T. Rajendar who was one of the leading directors those times. Mother of Tamil actor STR is Usha Rajendar. Siblings of this actor, simbu are, Kuralarasan ( younger brother) and Ilakkiya (younger sister). His brother Kuralarasan has also acted in many Tamil films like Alai.
Birth place of Chimbu is, Chennai and he got grown up in Chennai.
Education of STR was in Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School and in Santhome Higher Secondary School which are in Chennai city, Tamilnadu.
Most of us might have got exclaimed by seeing the dance performance of STR in his movies. The reason behind that is, he loves dancing from his childhood and if we say that, dancing has mixed with STR’s blood from his childhood, it will not be big words to explain.
After schoolings, STR studied Auto Engineering Course in the Ashram School.

Words of Celebrities about STR / Simbu:

Tamannah - Very Spunky 
Filmy career of Tamil actor STR:

As we have discussed above, STR started his acting career during his very early age. During his young age, STR acted in 19 numbers of films as a child artist under the direction of his father, T. Rajendar and other directors too. The list of such movies, that Simbu acted during his childhood age is as follows,
1.      Thai thangai paasam
2.      Oru Vasantha Geetham
3.      En thangai Kalyani ( Ablock buster from T. Rajendar direction).
4.      Enga veettu velan
5.      Monisha En monalisa.
In this movie, Simbu had shown his dancing performance in most of the songs of this expensive movie by T.Rajendar in which Tamil actress Mumtaj got introduced.
6.      Oru Thaayin Sabhatham
7.      Shanthi Enadhu Shanti
8.      Tamil movie – Samsaara Sangeetham
9.      Petradutha pillai
10.  Thiruvalla
11.  Sabash babu

Father of STR says proudly that his son had the talent of directing a full film when he was 15 years of age.

Most probably STR did well in his early age movies, with his dancing and fighting performances. In the age of 19 he was given the opportunity to act as the hero in the Tamil debut movie, Kaadhal Azhivadhillai. Tamil actress Charmi had done the heroin role in that movie by pairing with STR. But, if we have a look at the performance of STR in his debut movie, no can say that that was his debut movie after becoming tenant. This movie ran in the Tamilnadu theaters including the Chennai cinema theaters around 100 days.

By seeing the energetic acting and dancing performance of STR in his very first movie, he got his second chance in the Tamil movie Dhum, in which he had done the role of a college student who wins in his love against the powerful Kalabhavan mani keeping as the villain. This movie also got the 100 days box office hit in the theaters. The ever green song, “ Chaanakya Chaanakya.. aedho thandhiram seidhaai” took place in this movie only.

The third movie of STR was also most probably a similar story having movie with the action and love in the core of the story, namely Kuthu. This movie also had the rocking songs with the apt support of STR’s dancing performances. The next movie of this young, challenging actor was, Alai in which the Tamil actress Trisha had done the glamorous role actually. By these chain of movies with rocking roles, STR stretched his name in the audience’s mind that he is a rocking, energetic, talented hero with nice fighting sequence doing artist.

Even though he got a place in the audience mind, STR had to change his style as his movie Alai didn’t go well commercially. So, he came slight away from his fingers rolling styles and acted as a calm, brave village, engineering college student role in the Tamil movie Kovil which was directed by one of the commercial hit movies providing directors, Hari. This movie went nicely with the good song sequences and clear story line, based on the love between Hindu boy and Christian girl. Tamil comedian Vadivelu’s comedies in this movie, Kovil can be even in the Televisions every day in the comedy channels of Tamilnadu like, Sirippoli, Aadhitya etc.,

                                   In between these continuous movies call sheets, STR has been thinking about his own film which has to be directed by his own. So, after an year gap after Kovil, Kollywood actor STR/ silambarasan did the movie, Manamadhan by his own story, screen play and dialogues. As the core story of this movie, Manmadhan was different and gave ways for the youngsters to like the phase of the story, Manmadhan got block buster hit on the Tamilnadu cinema theaters above 250 days. Especially the role of ballet STR / Simbu got nice welcome among the youngsters then. At the scene of Simbu hitting Tamil actress Sindhu dhulani by flower wash on her head to die got the theaters full of claps and whistle blows. The music of this movie had been done by the Tamil music director Yuvan Shankar Raja. Another remarkable scene of this Super hit movie from STR was the drums scene. Usually, if we see any on stage drums music playing scenes in Tamil cinema, there will be specifically the western music will be played. But in this movie, the scene was composed with the mix of western music with the Tamil folk music and made the audience to go to their toes and dance. There were 2 heroins in this movie and the main one had been done by Tamil actress Jyothika and the other one was done by Sindhu Dulani as I stated above.

After the great hit of Tamil movie Manmadhan, STR got his market solidly as a hero as well as, as a Director too. The next movie of STR followed by Manmadhan was, Thotti Jaya in which he had done the rough and tough rowdy role wearing a black dress always. This movie had the nice songs composed by Tamil music Director, Harish Jayaraj. The evergreen song that took place in this movie was, “Uyirae en Uyirae.. Ennamo nadakkudhadi.. “.

                      Followed by the yet another hit of STR with Thotti Jaya, he got signed with one of the leading Film Directors of tamil Cinema, K. S. Ravi Kumar in the movie namely Saravana. In this movie, STR had done the role of a normal Tamil hero with his exposed, Comedy sense in this movie. Even though this movie didn’t go well in the theaters, it gathered more fans for Simbu.

                                 The second movie that came with the multiple works of STR in the screen was, Tamil movie Vallavan. In this movie, STR had done the Director role in addition with the roles he had done in the movie Manamadhan. This movie had the peak level controversy between Tamil actor STR / Simbu and Tamil actress Nayanthara that they are in love each other and after few days, it was spreaded by the media in Tamilnadu that, they have married together too. The actual controversy began even before the release date of Vallavan, when the Lip kissing scene of STR and Nayanthara was displayed in the Tamilnadu streets, like Simbu bites nayantara’s lips. Even today you can find in the Youtube that, the video of Nayanthara kissing Chimbu etc., In the midst of all these controversies, the movie Vallavan went well and good with its box office due to its strong story line. But still, as the expectation was high, for Vallavan that it will be a better film than Manamathan, the Tamil audience like me, got disappointed is the truth.

                          The next film for STR was Tamil film Kaalai in which he had paired with Tamil actress Vedika. As usual, the songs of the movie Kaalai got super hit with the work of Tamil music composer, G. v. Prakash Kumar. Then  STR acted in another dual role movie, namely Silambattam in which the hot Tamil actresses, Sana Khan and Sneha had done the heroin roles. All the songs of Tamil movie Silambattam also got hit and some of them are, “Where is the party tonight”, “Nalandhaanaa? Nalandhaanaa?” and Song “Machaan Machaan.. un mela aasai vachaan..”.

Another interesting information about STR is that, he has done the play back voice works for one of the Academy Award winning, Indian movie,Slum dog Millionare. This is the film gave Oscar awards for Tamil music director A.R. Rahman. Simbu has also acted in the Tamil movie, Goa for a very small role which was directed by Venkat Prabu.

                The next movie of STR was, Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya which was directed by one of the leading Tamil film director Gautham Vasudev Menon who has already done the success movies, Kaaka Kaaka, Vettaiyaadu Vilayadu etc.,In this movie, Tamil actress Trisha had done the pair role for Chimbu. The role of STR in Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya was an youngster who is with continuous attempts for pursuing his filmy directing career and waits for years and hence loses many things including the love he has with Trisha. This movie got a mega hit in the Tamilnadu and Kerala Cinema theaters and ran successfully for more than 100 days. All the songs of Tamil movie Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya also got hit and the ever green one among them is, Hosanna..

                          As Vinnaithaandi reached huge collection and hit, STR waited for his strong, next project and that happened with the Tamil movie namely, Vaanam. In this movie STR had done the role of an youngster, playboy namely Cable raja who falls in love with a high class girl by being a daily life runner economically. At the end of the movie vaanam, the character Cable Raja turns into the hero of the nation by sacrificing his soul for the nation in an apt situation. In this movie, the Tamil actress Sonia agarwal acted with Chibu after Kovil. The other hero of this movie was, Tamil actor Bharath. The music of this movie had been done by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The hit song of this movie are, “Yevan dee unna pethaan”, “ Who am I”, “ Panam Panam”..
The latest release of STR is, Tamil movie Osthi, in which he has acted under the Tamil director Dharani who has already given block buster hit movies, Ghilli – with Tamil actor Vijay and Dhill, Dhool – with Tamil actor Vikram. The new actress in the Kollywood industry, the actress Richa Gangopathyay has done the heroin role of this movie, Osthi. After Osthi, STR Silambarasan acted in the movie Poda podee and it was released in the year 2012. Even though the movie was not talked much, the acting of the casts in that movie was remarkable and the songs were hit.

The upcoming movies of STR are as follows,

Tamil movie Vettai manna ( Tamil actor Jai has acted in this movie)
Tamil movie Vada Chennai (North Chennai).
The recent, interesting activity of STR is the Love anthem which has been composed with 96 languages and stating the world peace as the objective of the song.
Advertisements signed by STR:
Silambarasan has committed for the ambassadorship for the soft drinks Pepsi and 7 up.

Awards won by STR

·         Kalaimamani from Government of Tamil Nadu (2006)
·         Isaiyaruvi Tamil Music Awards - Best Dancer for Silambattam (2009)
·         Isaiyaruvi Tamil Music Awards - Rising Star Lyricist for "Where is the Party" (Silambattam) (2009)
·         Edison Award - Best Actor for Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (2010)
·         Big FM Tamil Entertainment Awards - Most Entertaining Actor Award for Vinnaithaandi       Varuvaayaa     (2011)
·         Vijay Award for Favourite Hero for Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (2011)
·         Filmfare Award for Best Actor for Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (2011)

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