22 August 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor Ultimate Star Ajith

Tamil actor Ajith
I have taken this time, to talk about one of the leading Tamil cinema actors, namely Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar. Before going to the detailed Profile and Biography of him with his Filmography, let me give you a brief information about him that, Ajith was born in Andhra Pradesh, his father is from Kerala Iyer , brought up in Chennai, Tamilnadu. His mother tongue is not Tamil and he started speaking Tamil only after making his debut with Tamil cinema.

Ajith Kumar is one of the few Tamil current, leading actors who don’t have the cinema background. He has got a group of Tamil cinema fans who are calling him “Thala” with affection. He entered the Cinema field through a Telugu movie as a supporting actor with his own effort and now, his Tamil movie Mangatha was the 7th film among the Indian films got mistly searched in Google.

Profile & Personnel life of Tamil actor Ajith Kumar:
Birth place: Secundrabad, Andhra Pradesh
Name of Father of Ajith Kumar is Subramanian
Name of Mother of Ultimate Star is Mohini
Height of Ultimate Star Ajith is, 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Education of Ajith is 10 Std drop out from Asan Memorial Sr. Sec. School in 1986
Birth Date of Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar is May 01st 1971
The first movie of Ajith as a Tamil actor is En veedu En kanavar in which he acted as a Schoolboy as one among ten and eleven. His first movie as a hero took place in the Telugu movie namely Prema Pushtagam. Apart from acting, he is a bike racer that he has been participating in many Bike races from time to time. He won third place in the British Formula three-season during the year 2004.
Siblings of actor Ajith are totally 5. His brother Anoop is a Stockbroker working in New York. Ajith’s other brother is an IITian from Madras. Ajith’s twin sisters have died at their very young age.
After marrying Tamil actress Shalini, he became a relation of the actor Richard Rishi and the actress Shamili. This actress, Shamili has acted in the Ajith movie, Kandukonden Kandukonden.

The love story between Ajith and Shalini:
The marriage of Ajith was a love marriage with his co actress Shalini. Their love story began in the Tamil movie amarkalam shooting. Ajith has proposed Shalini in the year 1999 but Shalini has agreed to marry our Thala Ajith only after her parents agreed for their marriage. Their marriage has happened both in the marriage method of Christian method and Hindu method. The name of daughter of Ajith and Shalini is, Anushka.
Life story of Tamil actor Ajith Kumar before entering Kollywood:
As we have seen in the above-stated Profile of Tamil actor Ajith, his father is from a Keral Iyer family and his place of birth is Secundrabad at Andhra Pradesh. At the early time of his professional career, he fought very much to get his career line set. Before coming to the working career, Ajith’s education was in the school, Asan Memorial Secondary School and he dropped out of his school educations at 1986. After the end of school education, he worked as an auto mechanic and after getting the authority of driving license, he got a chance of becoming a bike racer and then he worked in some part time works with advertising companies as a model and he was a part time merchant too.
But at the year, 1991 he was selected to work in a Telugu film but he had to face a hurdle still then that the director of his first movie, the director died. So, the movie was cancelled and one year after that he signed for his debut in the Telugu movie, Prema Pushtagam and the Age of Ajith when he entered cinemas were 21. His second movie was the Tamil movie, Amaravathi in which he had acted with Sangavi.
Film Career of Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar:
                          In the very first Tamil movie of Ajith, Tamil actor Vikram had given the back ground voice for Ajith and at the same time, Vikram was also not recognized as a big hero by the Tamil audience. After the project of Amaravathi, Ultimate Star Ajith has met with a major bike accident during his bike training as a result of that he had to be on the bed for rest for almost 18 months of period. The project he got after his bed rest was, Paasamalargal in which Ajith had acted with Tamil actor Aravind Saamy. After that Ajith acted in the Tamil film, Pavithra.

Tamil actors Vijay and Ajith together with Premji Amaran
In the next film followed by Pavithra, an interesting thing happened that, the current big heroes of Tamil cinema, both Illayathalapathy Vijay and Ajith acted together. The name of that movie, Vijay and Ajith acted together is, Raajaavin Paarvayile. In this movie, Ajith came for a comparatively smaller role and his character dies earlier in the movie. The next one from Ajith was, Aasai came at the year of 1995 under the direction of Vasanth under the Production of famous Tamil director Mani Rathnam. This movie gave him a big breakthrough including the songs. The songs of Aasai got a great hit and the songs like “Konja naal poru thalaivaa” are evergreen hit. But his next movie, Vaanmathi which was a love, comedy story didn’t go well commercially. After that he acted in Tamil movie, Kalloori Vaasal which was a full lengthed college, Triangle love story, in this movie he acted with Tamil acted Prasanth. Ajith didn’t go back to the Telugu movie industry after that. He then acted in the Tamil movie Minor Mappillai yet another flop.

At the year of 1996, Ajith Kumar acted in the Indian National Award winning film, Kaadhal Kottai, which was directed by Agathyan and the heroin of the movie was, Devayani. The story of the movie can be said, like, the changeover of the whole Tamil cinema industry. The movie got the great commercial hit also. The 2 next movies were Nesam and Raasi which also a flop from Ajith Kumar. Even though the Tamil songs from the movie Raasi reached the Tamil audience easily the movie didn’t go well. Those days, the Television advertisements for this movie, Raasi were frequent.
The next movie of Ajith Kumar was, from the Production of Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachan. In Ullasam, Ajith was one of the two heroes and the other hero of this movie was Tamil actor Vikram. The next 2 movies from Ajith Kumar's action also didn’t go well, namely, Pagaivan and Rettai Jadai Vayasu. In the movie, Rettai Jadai Vayasu, songs reached the Tamil audience fairly.
Tamil actor Ajith with Tamil Actress Trisha

After that, Ajith signed in Kaadhal Mannan which was directed by famous Tamil director, Charan. In this movie, he got a gethu role. He had done the role of a bike mechanic and fells in love with a minister’s daughter. This interesting story how finishes with success remains the story of Tamil movi Kadhal Mannan. The songs of this movie got ever green hit like, “Thiloththama, Unnai paartha pinbu naan…” . After the nice hit of Kaadhal mannan, Ajith acted in Aval varuvaala in which he acted with Tamil actress Simran. This one became his continuously second hit movie of Ajith followed by Kadhal mannan. The year of release of them was 1998. In the same year, he acted in 2 more movies, Unnidathil ennai koduthen and Uyirodu Uyiraaha. The movie Unnidathil ennai koduthen which was directed by Tamil director, Vikraman who was in great form in those days with the movies, Vaanathai pola. Actually Ajith had done the Guest role in that movie, Unnidathil ennai koduthen and the main hero of that movie is, Tamil actor, Navarasa Naayagan Karthik. The two heroins acted in that movie were, Tamil actresses Roja and Devayani.

But the other movie acted by Ajith at the same year, Uyirodu Uyiraaha didn’t go well commercially. The next movie in which he acted as a family man, namely Thodarum also didn’t go well in the theaters. Next movie of Ajith Kumar was, Unnai thedi. In the single year, 1999, Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar acted in 6 number of movies, namely Unnai thedi, Vaali, Anandha Poongaatre, Nee varuvaai ena and Amarkalam. Among these movies, Vaali, which was directed by famous Tamil director, S.J. Surya got a great hit in the Tamilnadu theaters for more than 150 days successfully. Not only the commercial hit, tamil movie Vaalee got the name of nice actor for Ajith among the Tamil film audience. Because, Ajith exposed his acting performance skill well and good in this movie, both of his roles. Especially the role of deaf was spoken greatful from the movie Vaali. This movie was the debut movie of the famous Tamil actress Jothika, but the main heroin was Simran only.
Another hit movie at 1999 is Amarkalam which was his movie with Shalini, directed by Charan again. The great effort of Tamil singer, s. P. Balasubramanian of singing the full sing without leaving breath intermediately took place in this movie. Not only that, all the songs of this movie got a big reach to the Tamil cinema audience by the nice effort of music director, Bharadwaj. The very first movie of Ajith for this current millineum is, Mugavaree in which he has acted as the energetic youngster with musical skills and seeking for a stage to expose them. As this was a musical oriented film, the songs of this movie got hit is well. Jothika joined with Ajith Kumar as the heroin for this movie.

In the year Ajith acted two movies namely, Kandukonden Kandukonden and Unnai kodu ennai tharuven. In Kandukonden, Kandukonden, Ajith was one of the heroes and the other heroes were, Tamil actor Mammooty and Abbas. The music for this movie has been done by the Oscar winning Music director from Tamilnadu, A. R. Rahman.

After that, he acted in Tamil movie, Dheena under the direction of one of the leading Tamil directors, A. R. Murugadoss. In this movie, Ajith had done the role of a youngster who does violations as his profession. The Tamil songs in Dheena have got super hit. The next movie of our Thala Ajith was, Citizen in which he had acted with many faces, that he acted a young tenant guy, the role of a father who lives at the sea shore and does fishing as the main profession. The core story of Citizen was a different from the other Tamil movies came in that time. So Citizen got a nice commercial hit too.

In addition to these 2 movies, Ajith acted in 2 more movies those are, Poovellaam Un vaasam and Asoka samrat which is a Hindi movie actually. This is the movie, Ajith Kumar acted with the Bollywood leading actor, Shah rukh khan.

In the year 2002, he acted in three movies; those are Red, Raja and Villan. Red movie was released in a festival situation at 2002. Red and Raja didn’t go well but Villain was a great hit. This movie was directed by successful Tamil director K.S. Ravikumar. The Tamil actresses Meena and Kiran were the heroins of this movie.

Ajith acted in a couple of Tamil movies in the year 2003, namely ennai thaalaatta varuvala and Anjeneya. As this year was with the release of Tamil movies Kadhal konden, Jeyam those with different line of stories or some other reason, those movies didn’t go well. In the year 2004, Ajith acted in the movies, Jana and Attagaasam. Among those movies, the movie, Attagasam was released in the festival season of Tamilnadi, Diwali and saw 100 days in the silver screen.

                       In the year 2005, Ajith acted in the movis Ji. This movie was directed by Tamil director Lingusaamy. The role of Ajith in Ji, was a college students chairman. In this movie, Tamil actress Trisha had acted with Ajith. In the year 2006, Ajith acted in 3 Tamil movies as the hero, namely Paramasivan, Tirupathi and Varalaru. Among these 3, 2 movies got hit namely Thirupathi and Varalaru. In the movie Tirupathi, Ajith had acted as the owner of a sound service and the heroin of the movie, Sada had done the heroin role. For this movie, Ajith had reduced his body weight, and his such effort can be visible in the scenes of the movie. The next movie, Varalaru was directed by K. S. RaviKumar and Tamil actress Asin had done the pair role of Ajith in this movie.

                                  In the year 2007, he acted in 3 movies, namely aalwar (with Asin), Kireedam and Billa. In the movie Kireedom, Trisha had done the heroin role. The songs in the movie Kireedom was super hit especially the song, Akkam bakkam. In this movie, Ajith had done the role of a youngster who is trying to become a police man. The movie, Billa which was directed by Vishnuwardhan and acted by Ajith was a great hit. This movie was the very first Tamil movie which has the story taken from the old Tamil movie Billa acted by super star Rajnikanth.

In the year 2008, he acted in Aegan which is a comedy, detective story in which Tamil actress Nayantara paired with Ajith for the first time. In the year 2009, he acted in one single movie, Asal that was released with great expectation because Ajith himself had done the Screen play writing work for this movie. By seeing the probability of Ajith’s year planning schedules to act, we can conclude that, he has planned to act one single movie per year. And yes, he calculation works.. he has been giving hit movies from the year 2007, after Billa.

In the year 2010, he acted in the Tamil movie Mankatha. As we have seen in the beginning of this article, Mankatha was searched by millions of people through Google. Ajith’s movie Mankatha was directed by Venkat Prabu who has given some nice entertaining movies for the Tamil cinema audience previously. This movie was with the actresses, Trisha, Andrea and Tamil actress Anjali.

Even though Mankatha is not a single hero subject, the presence of Ajith Kumar made this movie as the movie of Ajith Kumar.

Then Ajith acted in the movie Arambam pairing with Tamil actress Nayantara. As the get up of Ajith was largely spoken as if his Salt and pepper look is awesome, he appeared with the same Salt and pepper look in this movie too. Ajith's role in Arambam was an Ex military man who does revenge against politicians after the death of his close friend. In this movie Tamil actor Arya and Tamil actress Taapsee had also acted. 

Then Ajith acted in the movie Veeram released for the Pongal 2014. In this movie Ajith acted with his Salt and pepper look again. In this movie Tamil actress Tamanna bhatia paired with Ajith. 

Other activities of Tamil actor Ajith:

Apart from acting, Ajith Kumar is a good bike racer. Ajith has acted in many bike races in many places all around India and sometimes in the other countries, Malaysia and Germany. The recent races in those Ajith has took part was formula 2 Championship in the year 2010.

He took part in the Formula Maruti at 2002. In the race, Formula BMW Asia, he took the seventh place.

Awards and nominations

Filmfare Awards South

·         Best Actor Award for Vaali (1999)
·         Best Actor Award for Villain (2002)
·         Best Actor Award for Varalaru: History of Godfather (2006)
Tamil Nadu State Film Awards

·         Tamil Nadu State Film Special Award for Best Actor for Poovellam Un Vasam (2001)
·         Tamil Nadu State Film Honorary MGR Award (2006)
Vijay Awards

·         Vijay Award for Favourite Hero (2006)
·         Cinema Express Award for Best Actor - Tamil  Citizen (2001)
·         Zee Cine Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role for Asoka (2001)
Contacting address of Ultimate star Ajith:
AK International
No 5, Vijayalakshmi Street,
Mahalingapuram, Chennai 600034
E mail id for Ultimate Star Ajith’s fans : iyakkam1971@gmail.com

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