Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Vikram

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Vikram :
Following my previous articles about the leading Tamil cinema actors namely, Surya and Vijay, I am going to give you the comprehensive information about the Tamil actor Vikram.

The life history of Tamil actor Vikram can be the inspiration for even an ordinary fan of him. Because it has many, too many ups and downs. To say in short, vikram was not even in the list of Tamil actors in the mind of Tamil cinema fans before 1999.

But after his unexpected, super hit movie, Sethu, he started climbing on the success ladder step by step really with his great efforts. He got the nick name from the Tamil audience after his Sethu hit. I think now you will have a short thought about his cinema career. Let me go to the detailed part of his life history as well as Cinema career.

Profile of Tamil actor Vikram:
Real name of Tamil actor Vikram is Kennedy John Victor, 

Father Name : Vinod Raj 

Meaning for his name - VI ( First 2 letters from his father's name Vinod ) K ( Kenny ) Ra ( First 2 Letters of his Mother's name Rajeswari ) M ( to give the meaning )
Birth date of Chiyan Vikram is April 17, 1966. So, the current age of him is, 45 and few months are there to reach 46.
The actual birth place of our Cheyyan is Chennai, but his native place is Paramakkudi, nearby Ramanathapuram. Another Tamil actor whose native place is, Paramakkudi is, Ulaga Naayagan Kamal Hassan.
Name of Tamil actor Vikram’s wife / spouse is Shailaja. 
Tamil actor Vikram at his young age
Eye color of Tamil actor Vikram :Brown

Star Sign of Chiyaan Vikram:Aries

Favorite Color of Vikram: Black

Favorite Food of him: Pazhya Sadam ( Porridge ) And Karruvattu Kolambu ( Dry Fish )

Favorite dress: Hawai Chappal And Dirty Pair Of Jeans & T-Shirt

Favorite Actors of actor Vikram: Rober Deniro, Rajinikanth

Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts

Favorite Rock Band: Michael Bolton

Favorite Song: Can I Touch You There – By Kenny Loggins

Favorite Composer: Yanni

Favorite place of Tamil actor Vikram: Home

Words of Celebrities about Vikram:

Tamannah - Hard working and no body is like him. 
Life history of Tamil actor Vikram:
Tamil actor cum singer is also gets a place in the Tamil actors who have the Cinema back grounded parents. Because, the father of Cheeyan Vikram is also a Cinema side actor who came to Chennai, Kodambakkam with dreams of entering Kollywood. But Vinod Raj could not get a solid place in Tamil cinema viewers by managing to do some TV serial roles added with some side characters in the cinemas. On the other hand, mother of Syan Vikram was a Sub collector. We can say that Vinod Raj the father of Vikram would have been the inspiration for him to come into the field of Tamil cinema.

Interesting information about Vikram is, he is none but the causin of one of the Tamil actors Prasanth who is the son of Tamil director Thyagarajan. Prasanth has done many successful movies started from his debut, Vaigasi porandhaachu, till his somehow recent movies, Jeans ( Directed by Tamil director Shankar), Ponniyin Selvan etc., and Thyagarajan was a very famous Tamil director during 80’s.
Tamil actor Prashanth

The sister of Tamil actor Vikram is Anita who is elder than him is a teacher and his brother has been about to get his debut at the Tamil movie Saroja which was directed by Venkat Prabu at the year of 2008. But he did not appear in that movie.

The Schooling of Tamil actor Vikram was in the Yercaud school namely Montfort School. As all we know, Yercaud is one of the Hill stations of Tamilnadu. Vikram has been one of the interested students among that school with the arts like, dancing , acting and other staged performances.

I don’t know how many of you went through the Talks about Tamil actor Vikram during the release of his super hit movies, Dhool and Dhil both were directed by one of the Successful commercial directors of Tamil cinema, Dharani who has directed movies like Osthi too. The talk was that, Vikram had gone through the severe leg injury and was admitted in the hospital for months just similar to the situation of his role in Dhill and slight with his role in Dhool. It is true that he met with a major accident when he was in college studies and he was admitted in hospital for some months. Vikram has been in the hospital for almost three years is shocking. Chiyan Vikram’s leg has gone under 23 numbers of surgeries during that accident to save his leg back without removing (amputation).

 Filmy career of Tamil actor Vikram:

The initial stage of Cinema career of Tamil actor Chiyaan Vikram has been a tragedy that he has been doing modeling works during his master's degree educations from Loyala of Chennai. The name of the products that Vikram was modeling are as follows,
·         Chola Tea
·         TVS excel
·         Alwyn Watches
 The Debut movie of Tamil actor Vikram in Tamil Cinema is, En kadhal kanmani which was directed by Sridhat at the year of 1990. The second movie of vikram in Kollywood is, thandhu vitten ennai. The third Tamil movie of Vikram is Meera which was directed by P. C. Sriram who is one of the famous cinematographers of Tamil cinema. The famous Tamil song, “Oh butterfly…. Butterfly.. butterfly.. yen virithai? Sirahai..? Arugil nee………. Irundhaal… “ takes place in this movie only, casted by our Chhiyan with Tamil actress Aishwarya. I remember, the villan role of this movie had been done by Kollywood actor Sarath Kumar. Eventhough Meera was expected a lot by the Tamil audience for P.C Shriram, it did not go well as expected commercially. But the acting performance of Vikram in Meera and some other that time movies of him assisted his cinema career a bit that he started acting in the other language movies, in Malayalam and Telugu movies at the year of 1993.

Another interesting news I have about the filmy career of Tamil actor Vikram during 1993 is, his project with Mani Rathnam for the movie, Bombay which got a great box office , ever green hit Tamil movies list by the famous director from Tamil, Mani Rathnam. The reason for his disagreement from this movie, Bombay is his beard that has been asked to get removed by Mani Rathnam to Vikram but he had to refuse the request from the Director due to his parallel project that needed him to be with beard. Vikram might have got shined in the Tamil cinema since 1993 itself if he had got committed with the number of Indian national awarding, Bombay film. Isn’t it hard to hear??

However, Vikram managed to act in some Malayalam movies with the leading films of Malayalam film industry like, Mammooty, Suresh Gopi ( who has acted as the brother of Tamil actor Ajith Kumar in the movie Dheena), and Jayaram (who has acted in Tamil movie Thenali as the doctor). On the other hand, Vikram had been acting in some low budget Telugu movies in between. Then Vikram got another better movie in Tamil cinema industry namely, Pudhiya Mannargal in which the songs are ever green composed by Oscar winning Tamil music director A.R.Rahman. Vikram has acted with Tamil actor Ananth Babu in that movie with the actresses, Ramya Krishna and Madhubala. Vikram role in that movie was a forced, energetic youngster who fights for rights accompanied with other 4 youngsters. Eventhough the story of that Tamil movie was not bad at all, it got commercial flop those days.

The years between 1993 and 1999 was a tragedy for the filmy career of our Chiyaan that he had to be acting some other language, small budget movies in the Malayalam and Telugu movies for a couple of years and later on, he got another Tamil movie opportunity at the movie, produced by Amitabh Bachan, namely Ullaasam. In this movie Chiyaan had acted with the Ultimate Star Thala Ajith doing the role of brother of Ajith in which Tamil villain actor Rahuwaran had done the role of the father of both Vikram and Ajith. This movie also did not go well with collections is the point among the filmy career of our hero here. After that, again vikram went to other language films and came back to Tamil for doing a small role in Tamil actor cum Director, Parthiban’s movie Housefull, based on the story around a cinema theater.
Tamil actor Vikram in Sethu

Now the interesting part of the Cinema career of Tamil actor Vikram comes, that, he acted in the Tamil movie Sethu which was directed by the natural story based film director, Bala. The movie Sethu was released during a Pongal season. It was not at all expected by any kind of Tamil cinema audience at that time that, Sethu will get this much of success in the theaters. The story of this movie, Sethu started with the story of a college chairman. But the story turns to the deep mind wounding story oriented with the Mental hospitals situated in Yeruvaadi, Southern Part of Tamilnadu. Our dedicated hero, Vikram had reduced his weight drastically for this movie. He spent his complete two years with the team of Sethu by believing the story of Sethu. Vikram was nominated for Indian national award for his performance in Sethu. The scene in this movie that the heroin comes to see him to the mental hospital and leaves the snacks that she prepared and brought nearby him when he sleeps and then goes away from him. Within seconds, Vikram wakes up and shouts to her but with the sounds of other patients there, she fails to hear his voice. This scene was selected as the best scene of the year by that time famous television channel, Sun network that I still remember.
With these hard-core struggles, Vikram sat and thought heavily for his further movies to get his filmy career more powerful and successful. Then he crossed, the project from Tamil actress Radhika Sharath Kumar namely Siraguhal. The next successful signed up of Vikram was, Vinnukkum Mannukkum in which he had paired with Devyani.
The movie Vinnukkum mannukkum didn’t go well in the theaters. Then he got signed for the movie, Dhill which was directed by the Tamil director Dharani. The movie, Dhill was a great commercial success film. In that movie, Vikram had done the role of an energetic youngster who is aiming to become the Police officer with number of turning points in the stream of very fast screenplay by Dharani. Tamil actress Laila had done the pair role for Vikram. The songs of Dhill movie which were composed by Tamil music director, Vidyasaahar with the ever green super hit Tamil song, “un samayal araiyil, naan uppa sakkaraiya…”.
Tamil actor Vikram with Kiran for Gemini
The next successful movie of Chiyaan Vikram was Kaasi which was directed by Vinayan. Vikram was awarded the Filmfare award for the best actor for this Tamil movie Kaasi.

The next movie of Vikram was, Gemini which was directed by Charan who has been one of the commercial hits providing directors of Tamil cinema. As this movie was produced by AVM productions and they have been doing number of Television serials in Sun TV, they had committed plenty of advertisements in Sun TV when this movie was released. The song from the movie, Gemini, “O podu” was a great hit among the Tamil cinema audiences. And that hit song made the movie gets introduced to the Tamil audience very fast and in large numbers. Both the back ground scope and songs had been done by Bharadwaj.

The next project of Vikram was, Samurai in which also, the songs were Superhit. The story of this Tamil movie was, based on anti-corruption. The director of Samurai is, Balaji Shakthivel. After these powerful action hero roles of Vikram in Dhill, Gemini and Samurai, he committed for the full fledged comedy movie, King which was directed by Prabhu Salomon. Vikram had done comic sensed role in the movie King, paired with Tamil actress Sneha.

Tamil actor Vikram with Jothika and Reema sen for Dhool
The second project of the team of the movie Dhill, with Vikram, was Dhool. In this movie, Tamil actress Jothika had done pair with Vikram and the second heroin was Reema sen. All the songs in this movie also got a great hit, the song “Singam pola” reached from the high-class Spencer plaza to the slums of Tamilnadu. With these rapid hit movies, Vikram met with another commercial failure at the movie, Kaadhal Sadugudu pair with Priyanka Trivedi who had done a glamourous role in this movie.

After this slight lag in the career of Vikram, he committed for his next film, namely Saamy under the banner of K.Balachander (Great Tamil director). This movie was directed by one of the current, commercial hits providing directors, Hari. Tamil actress Trisha had done the pairing for Vikram in saamy. Of course, this movie also has a block buster song namely, “Kalyaanam dhaan kattikittu”..

The next biggest signed project of Vikram was, Pithamagan in which he had acted with Tamil actor Surya. For this movie, Vikram got the Indian national award. Vikram is the one and only actor who have got this award among the current Tamil leading actors.
Tamil actor Vikram with Trisha for Saamy
The next movie of Vikram was, Arul in which he joined with the commercial succeeding director, Hari again after Saamy.  In this movie, Tamil actress Jothika had done the pairing role of Vikram. The story was based on an ordinary man gets into mass rowdyism in his won town

The film, Anniyan which was directed by Tamil director Shankar at the year of 2005 was another great commercial success film by Vikram. In this movie, Vikram got a nice opportunity for his acting performance and he utilized that opportunity very effectively. This movie was the most expensive Tamil movie in those days with about 100 crores of money invested. In this movie Vikram did three different roles namely Remo, Ambi and Anniyan and Vikram showed the variations among those three roles with his nice body language and style. The acting of Vikram in this movie became the biggest plus of this movie. Especially in the climax scene, Vikram acted the scene of changing into two characters at a moment just great. 
Tamil actor Vikram in Anniyan

After that he got the project, Majaa in which he acted with Tamil actress Asin. This was a comic story again for Vikram. The next one was, Bheema. This movie, was directed by Lingusaamy who had directed previously, the hit movies like Run, Sandakozhi which were blockbusters. There was a big success team in this movie like Vikram, Tamil actress Trisha, Prakash Raj, Rahuvaran etc with full of hit songs like, “Mudhal mazhai ennai”.

Followed by the movie, Bheema, Vikram acted in Kandhasaamy which was directed by Susi Ganesan who has got name as the nice director among the other directors of Tamil cinema. In this movie, the songs got hit in those the Tamil actress, Shriya Sharan did the performance well and good with both acting and Dance. 

Followed by the hit of Kandhasaamy, Vikram got signed with his one of the biggest projects of his career, with the great director of Kollywood, Mani Rathnam, namely Raavanan. In this moie, Vikram had done the role of Raavanan of the history, Raamayana. In this movie, the pair role of Vikram in this movie had been done by Aishwarya Rai. Vikram got the Film fare award for best actor of this movie.

Then, Vikram did the movie Deiva Thirumagal, which was directed by A. L. Vijay, in this movie he got the role of a different kind of father that he has the mentality of a child and holds a child for him too. Tamil actress Amala Paul and Anushka Shetty did main female roles in this movie.
Tamil actor Vikram for Deiva Thirumagal
Then in the year 2011, Tamil actor Vikram acted in the movie namely Rajapettai under the direction of Suseendran. This movie faced a Box Office Flop.

Then Vikram acted in the Tamil movie Thandavam in which Tamil actress Anushka Shetty did the pairing of Vikram under the direction of A L Vijay. This movie was a Box office hit that the movie gate nice profit to the producer. In this movie Vikram scored his marks with the role of a blind character.

After Thandavam, Vikram acted in the movie David. One of the interesting things about this movie is that Tamil actor Jeeva had also acted in this movie with Vikram . This was the Tamil movie with two big Tamil actors to act in a movie after a long time. The director of Tamil movie David is Bejoy Nambiar. 

After David, Tamil actor Vikram acted in Tamil movie I - under the direction of Shankar. A R Rahman has done the music for this movie. The main lead female role of I has been done by Tamil actress Amy Jackson

Tamil actor Vikram in I

After I, Vikram acted in 10 Endradhukkula pairing with Tamil actress Samantha under the direction of Vijay Milton. In this movie, Vikram acted as a Cab driver who thinks fast as driving. 

Vikram movies released in the year 2016:

Irumugan - In this movie Vikram acted with Nithya Menen and Nayantara under the direction of Anand Shankar. This movie was based on drug dealers. 

Vikram movies in the year 2018:

Sketch - In this movie, Vikram acted with Tamannah Bhatia under the direction of Vijay Chandar. 

Samy Square: In this movie Vikram acted with Keerthy Suresh under the direction of Hari. This was a sequal of Tamil movie Saamy released in 2003. 

Vikram movies released in 2019 :

Kadaram Kondan - In this movie Vikram acted under the direction of Rajesh M. 

Then Vikram did a guest role in Tamil movie Aditya Varma in which his son and Tamil actor Dhruv Vikram did the main male role. 

Vikram movies in 2022:

Mahaan - This was an OTT ( Amazon Prime ) released movie under the direction of Karthik Subburaj. In this movie Simran, Dhruv Vikram, Bobby Simha and others acted with Vikram. 

Cobra - In this movie Sinithi Reddy did the main femal major role under the direction of Ajay Gnanamuthu. 

Ponniyin Selvan 1 : In this movie Vikram has done the role of ancient Tamil King Kari Kaala Cholan. This movie has many Tamil actors like, Jeyam Ravi, Sarath Kumar, Trisha, Aishwarya Rai and others under the direction of Mani Ratnam

Upcoming Movies of Vikram : 

Ponniyin Selvan 2, Thangalaan. 
Vikram as a Playback Singer:
The songs, sang by Tamil actor Vikram are as follows,
Album with Tamil actress Meena, namely, Kadhalism
A version of O podu song of Tamil movie Gemini was sung by Vikram.
Vikram sang a song for Kandhasaamy songs with the composer, Devi Sri Prasath.
Another interesting thing about Vikram’s singing career is, he sung a song for the Madarasapatnam.
Vikram started a new film production unit, namely Reel Life entertainment and initiated the movie, Eesan direction started by Director sasi Kumar.
Vikram has done assistant director works with Shafi for the movie Maaja.

Vikram as the Play back Voice dubbing artist:

                             Even though he didn’t get hero opportunity for some more years, he was not getting disappointed permanently and he was refusing for acting in the TV serials by keeping in mind that if he goes to the serials, the chance for getting the cinema chance can get affected. This activity from him shows his confidence on his talent that gave him the hand in his future in fact.

The name of Tamil movies in which Vikram has done play back dubbed is, Kaadhalan, Minsara Kanavu, Amaravathi and Kandukonden Kandukonden. 
Personal life of Tamil actor Vikram:
Tamil actor Vikram has 2 number of kids; one of them is a boy who is at fourteen who has been recommended by his father as an actor; and the other is a girl with nineteen years of age.
Need Address of Tamil actor Vikram?

Vikram lives in his house which is nearby the besant nagar beach in Chennai.
Vikram’s wife is basically from Kerala, and she works as a teacher in Chennai. She has worked in the movie Deiva thirumagal as Vikram’s role in that movie is  a childish one.

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