Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor Prabu Deva

Tamil Actor Prabhu Deva

Tamil actor Prabu Deva
Tamil actor and choreographer Prabhu Deva is popularly called as Indian Michael Jackson. He is the lover of Dance. The dance movements and styles of Prabhu Deva is excellent and unique. He can attract the audience by doing different varieties and styles during his dance performance in live shows. This page Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor Prabhu Deva gives the complete details of his personal and cinema career. Kollywood actor Prabhu Deva date of birth is 03/04/1973. Age of Prabhu Deva is 47 years. Let’s find the early life, family, career, awards, movies and Prabhu Deva Nayantara personal issues in this article.

Early life of Tamil Actor Prabhu Deva
Birth place of Prabhu Deva is the beautiful Mysore city of Karnatka State. He was born as a Kannadian in Lingayath community and grew as a Tamilian. Due to his father’s profession commitments Prabhu Deva’s family was habited in Chennai. Father of Prabhu Deva is Dance Master Sundaram, who is a popular Kollywood dance choreographer. He also worked as a choreographer in many south Indian films. The art of dance was transferred to him through his father’s blood. He born as a dancer and He started to love dance from his childhood. He learned dance from his father and other popular dancer master’s of Kollywood.
Brothers of Prabhu Deva are elder Raju Sundaram and younger Nagendra Prasad. They are also shining in Tamil cinema dance. Prabhu Deva showed interest to learn various forms of Indian dances and foreign styles. A new dance style was introduced in Prabhu Deva’s choreography. The new form of dance was liked by Tamil and other south Indian language audienceNow Prabhu Deva is popularly called one of the one of the choreographers of India. The modern dances of Tamil cinema were revolutionized and succeed by him in a very short period of time.

Personal Life of Tamil Actor Prabhu Deva

Wife of actor Prabhu Deva is Ramlath, the of Prabhu Deva and Ramlath took place fifteen years back. They married each other and the actor kept the marriage as secrete for more than 3 years and then he showed his wife and children to his family. The couple Prabhu Deva and Ramlath had 3 children. The first child Vishal died in the year 2008 due to a serious health problem. The family of Prabhu Deva met some misunderstandings due to the relationship of Prabhu Deva with Actress Nayantara in the year 2009; this was happened on making of Villu Tamil Movie.

Mother tongue of Prabu Deva - Kannada
Languages known - English, Telugu and Tamil
The affair of Prabhu Deva with actress Nayantara was talked about much in Kollywood film Industry and eventually Nayantara accepted her love with Prabhu Deva. Both of them arranged a press meet regarding this issue. They also announced that they are going to tie a knot soon. Meanwhile, Ramlath filed a case against her husband. They applied for divorce in the year 2012 officially by the year 2011. In the Year 2012 the latest news about Prabhu Deva and Nayantara loves story is break, they are going to break their relationship. From the past four years actress Nayantara was not accepted any movies and now again she started to work in a Telugu movie. Here after we can see Nayan in Tamil movies too.

Words of Celebrities on Prabu Deva:

Tamannah - Perfectionist
Prabhu Deva's Dance Revolution In Tamil Movies
After getting success in Tamil movies as a choreographer he introduced as a dancer in Tamil cine screens. The choreographer changed as a dancer by his dance. The unique dance style made the songs to become hit and after that the new face of Prabhu Deva as an actor was accepted by the audience. Prabhu Deva's first film as a hero was Indhu, he worked as a dance director in the Vetri Vizha, this film was box office hit, the acting and dance choreography was continued by him.
Prabhu Deva and his brothers Raju Sundaram, Nagendra Prasad joined together for a movie in Tamil language called 123. The record says that now he has completed more than over 100 movies as a choreographer. He did single dance performance in some movies, then turned as a full-time actor. He is considered as one of the best heroes of Tamil film industry. First Tamil movie of Prabhu Deva as a hero is Indu Indhu which was released in the year 1994. For this movie he pared with actress Roja the move was success because of his acting and dance.

Special Performances of Prabhu Deva in Tamil Movies
In the year 1988 Prabhu Deva made a solo dance Rajaathi Raja in Agni Natchathiram tamil film, his solo performance continued in Idhyam, Suriyan, Valder Vetrivel and Shankar’s Gentleman Tamil movies. He showed his dance talent in bollywood for the movie Pukar, he did an acting role with Ragava Lawrence for the movie Style. Prabhu Deva’s dance performance for the song “no problem unna sela katta sonna” with Apache Indian Steven Kapur was great hit. He directed the movie Pokkiri by putting Vijay as a Hero. Both of them performed excellently for the song Adungada Ennasuthi in Pokiri Tamil Movie. Then he directed another Tamil movie with Vijay called Villu which is one of the best movies of Tamil Actor Vijay.

Awards Won By Tamil Actor Prabhu Deva
He won National Film Award for the best Choreography in Minsara Knavu Tamil movie released in the year 1997. He won the same award in the second time for the movie Lakshy the Bollywood movie, which was released in the year 2004. He got Film fare award for best dance choreography in Nuvostsnante Nenodantana Telugu movie. He got 3 awards for a single movie in the year 2005. National Film Award, Star screen award and Film fare award for the movie Lakshya. Prabhu Deva won many awards not only for dance but, for his direction too. He won Vijay awards in the year 2007 for Tamil film Pokkiri.

Prabhu Deva as a Hero in Tamil Movies
Prabhu Deva started his cinema career as a choreographer and entered as a dancer in Tamil Movies. He has given many solo and group dance performances. He entered into Tamil cinema as an actor in the year 1986. His first dance performance in Tamil cinema is Mouna Raagam. Then he continued as an actor and dancer in Suriyan, Mr. Romeo, Minsara Kanvu, Villu and many more. He gave a special appearance in Engayum Kadal Tamil movie which was directed by him in the year 2011. Now Prabhu Deva is busy with his post direction work of the movie Kalavadiya Pozhudugal. The movie is getting ready for the year 2012.

Prabhu Deva as choreographer in Tamil Movies

The entry of Prabhu Deva in Kollywood film industry is as a choreographer. He started his cine dance choreography work in the year 1988 for the movie Agni nachathiram. He continued his choreography in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam movies. The latest movie in Prabhu Deva’s Choreography was Engayum Kadal released in the year 2012.

Prabhu Deva Directed Movies
Prabhu Deva has directed movies in three languages Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. He started his direction in the year 2005, the movie Nuvistnante Nenodantana is the first movie directed by Prabhu Deva. The second movie Pourmani was directed by him and released in the year 2006. In the year 2007 shankardada Zindabad in Telugu and Pokkiri in Tamil was released by Prabhu Deva’s Direction. In the year 2009 Tamil film Villu and Bollywoof film wanted was released. Last year 2012 he directed two movies in Tamil Language Engayum Kadal and Vishal in Vedi Movie. Bollywood movie Rowdy Rathore director is Prabhu Deva, the movie is getting ready for July 2012 release.

How to Contact Prabhu Deva
Prabhu Deva email id:
prabhu Deva Address: Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamilnadu

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