07 February 2012

Tamil cinema actress Caroline mariyath arrested in Prostitution case

Tamil actress Caroline Mariyath Asan Arrested

A famous Tamil actress Caroline Mariya Asan was arrested in prostitution Case. The age of the actress Caroline is just 22. This was happened on yesterday February 5th 2012, time 10pm. Actress Caroline Mariya was arrested in Vimen Nagar pune for a prostitution case. Actress Caroline Mariya Asan is very popular in chennai and the people of Tamilndu can reorganize her face easily. She involved herself in modeling and cinema industry. At present Caroline is doing modeling for garments, jewellery, diamond and textile companies and she did many modeling projects for them in Madras and Bangalore. The movies of Tamil actress Caroline Mariya are Rain, Wadachalam and some more.

You might have been remembering tha popular Tamil serial actress Buvaneshwari was for the same case two times. The prostitution case of Tamil serial actress Buvaneshwari was not strong but the name of the actress was damaged a lot. At that time actress Buvaneshwari has given a statement that many popular heroines are involves in this network. The next name to Buvaneshwari has come out as Caroline Mariya Asan. In this case, police laid a trap and sent a decoy customer to catch her in red hand. After the conformation Tamil actress Caroline Mariya Asan was arrested by Pune police yersteday. Caroline’s manager and studio owner M Rajkumar are also arrested.

Tamil actress Caroline Mariya Asan Prostitution Case Details

In this case, step-brother of Caroline Mariya is doing the role of agent and all the dealing were finalized through him. Pune police states that “Caroline told us that she was doing this as she needed money”. The complete details about the case will come out after the investigation. The movies which she acted in Tamil language are ready for release. Police said that there is no evidence for any other women related with this case. Caroline Mariya usually files to Pune twice in a year and she charges Rs3, 00000 for 2 hours. It is believed that they will be in remand police custody till Monday. Caroline Mariya case has now been in the hands of Yerawada police station.

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